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what should i do??

Maddie has had a bit of a cold the last day or so and low and behold its gone to her chest as always!

She's had a rough night with cough and wheeze. I've given her 10 puffs every 2 hrs and her wheeze has returned quickly each time.

I can hear her across the room, whistling in her chest.

My dilemma is the fact that she is still running about and playing! She's breathing fast but still playing with her sister and chatting away!

I never know what to do when we get to this stage!

Any ideas?

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Hi Emily

My son is just like this it is very difficult when they won't calm down to know how bad they really are. As a rule I have always been told if you can't manage 4 hrs between 10 puffs then you should be in hospital being monitored. I would take her to be seen if I was you because the ventolin can make them hyper and hide how poorly they are. I hope you get on ok let me know, I really feel for you X


Thanks so much for your reply.

An update is:

I took maddie to out of hours gp who, seeing her struggle, promptly dialled 999!

We are now is hosp! Sats 89 but seeming a lot better. Wheeze eased although still dipping!

You're right, ventolin really does make them go hyper resulting in a mask of symptoms!

I'll definately be calling for help without questioning next time! Having said that, I hope to god we don't have to go through this again! So want them (the cons's) to make her better :-(


Hi Emily

Sorry to hear Maddie is so poorly I have been wandering how you both were getting on. I hope she is beginning to feel better and her sats have gone up. I have been there with my own son Fraser it is awful watching them struggling.

Take care X


Hi Emily

I just wandered how Maddie is I hope she is a lot better and you are now home.

Clare x


Thanks for your message.

Maddie is better today although still very breathless. She wakes as if she has a 60 a day habit!!

Fingers crossed this gets better and the weather warms soon.


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