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Hi I am new here but not new to asthma. I have 4 boys, 9, 7, 4 and 20 months, 3 of whom have asthma.

My 4 year old suffers the worst and has had numerous admissions for asthma and chest infections, they never seem sure which it is. He is on seritide 125 2 puffs morning and night, monteluecast granules and often has the steroid tablets.

He spent christmas in hospital again with viral pneumonia/asthma and is now on steroids for a week. In June he had Kawazaki disease which is treated with intravenous immunoglobulin which has given us the best 6 months with his asthma yet, but now the effects of this have worn off and I feel we are back to being uncontrolled.

I am so worried about his lungs being permenently damaged with all the infections, can this happen? Anyway, that was an introduction because I intend on posting on these boards now.


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welcome to the boards, im sorry i cant really answer your question,but others might.

I hope that this year will be better for your sons, its a nightmare when the kids are poorly, out of my 3 only 1 is asthmatic and a constant worry so i feel for you with 3 out of 4 asthmatic.

Although i had frequent infections as a child i dont think that it did any lasting damage, i only became severe after having blood clots on my lungs.

Keep us posted as to how things are.


Hi Becky, welcome to the boards. Sorry to hear your son spent xmas in hospital, is so difficult to keep normaility going for other kids isnt it. I have a son aged 11 who has difficult asthma, at times i feel like rabbit in headlights dealing with him so i really admire you coping with 3 asthmatic kids. In answer to your question I've been told that repeated infection can cause scarring to lung but i dont know how much of a problem this would be. My sons xrays always have a bit of consilidation and cobwebs as i call them but not sure if this is due to damage or gunk.

Hope you son continues to recover.



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