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chest infections and trying to get him seen by a specialist before he gets too ill

hi there ive got a 16mth old son who was seen by a doctor when he was a mth old and he said he has got asthma since then its been a rough ride as he has been taken into hospital twice for surspected bronk and gastroenuitst hes had 4 chest infections and 1 ear infection and 1 throat infection im going to try and see if they will refer him to a asthma specialist as hes not been seen or had any tests done thank you for listening

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Sound slike your little man has had a real tough start to life. Maybe you could ask your gp to refer to a peadriatric consultant for further advice. It is very unusual to be diagnosed asthmatic at 1 mth old, maybe docs need to run some tests to see why your son has so many infections.

Hope things settle for you soon



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