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Another Newbie

HI there. I am over the moon to find a discussion forum on this website. My son is just over 2 years old and has suffered with chest infections from birth. Often it has been treated with antibiotics and only recently after various clear X-Rays and lots of hospital visits whereby the nebulizer worked - I suggested to my GP that we really need to look at the possibility of asthma particularly as my husband suffered from it in childhood as well. FInally we were given Flexitide to give to my son morning and night which I felt didn't make any difference as he was still getting a cold and it was still getting to the point whereby I nearly had to take him to a&e. 6 weeks into the Flexitide he was really bad last week with yet another cold (about 7 back to back with one week sick, one week fine), when we took him to a&e and had to stay the weekend. My son was given oral steriods (3 tablets - one a day) and is very very slowly recovering. Now my husband has a bad cold and I had diarreah today and my son refused to eat today with a very very slight temp tonight - so I am scared that he is still fighting some bug. I feel exhausted from all the worry and lack of sleep and just didn't know where else to turn to anymore. How can I keep my son healthy and fit to fight the viruses that cause the asthma when he is an incredibly fussy eater and sometimes just doesn't want to eat. I just don't know what to do anymore. My husband just always says go to the GP but I know they don't know what to do either and with the little eating, I am sure they will tell me that his appetite will return in a few days. Any advice just would be enormously appreciated. Thanks Kristina

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Hi there,

Is there a health visitor attached to your practice. If so, you could ask her for advice. Seem to remember when my children were young we would see the health visitor for advice on all sorts of things. My kids didn't have asthma but the younger one had food intolerances.

Or perhaps there is an asthma nurse in the GP practice that you could chat to? The asthma nurses on this site do a good job. I emailed them when I had many questions when I was first diagnosed last year with asthma.



PS there's bound to be someone coming along who can give a more up to date view than me.



Hi GrannyMo. Sorry I am new to this site and sent you a message instead of replying to the post. As mentioned in the message I have seen all the asthma specialists at the GP, hospital and spoken to those on this site. I feel I need to tackle the fact that my son's immune system is not very strong which would help in fighting bugs and prevent the constant asthma. He was ill overnight so am off to the GP this morning. Fingers crossed its just a little bug. Thanks again. xxx


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