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Singulair. Or lack of!!

Quick question if I may. My 10yo daughter takes 2 x Clenil 50 twice a day and 2 x Serevent twice a day. She also takes a Singulair tablet. However, our new doctors have a new 'system' in place that dictates that you can't request a repeat on any medication until their computer deems it may be necessary. I put in a repeat request for more singulair at the beginning of last week because dd told me she was running low. The doctors said we couldn't request more until 9th July. Now I've discovered that dd actually took the last tablet she had in the house on thursday just gone (which would be the 1st July) so last night she didn't get a tablet and she's no chance of getting any now until I contact the practice on Monday and beg for an emergency supply. So much for their system and yes, next time I will check myself and see how many are left:~/

She's currently got a lovely summer cold so I'm keeping a close eye on her peak flows but I'm wondering what will happen if she doesn't get her singulair for a couple of days? I could drag her up to the out of hours doctors but that is some way from here and I'm not sure the need for the tablet justifys dragging a coldy, snotty child into a public place though I will if it's be the best thing to do for her.


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That seems quite an odd system and I'd probably speak to your GP. Down here i can order up to 3 months of most meds, with the exception of a few that are expensive to produce. This works well as i constantly forget to check and we always have spare. I'd try and get them as soon as possible but i wouldn't say the weekend would make a huge amount of difference. Like most they take a while to build up and stopping them for a few days probably won't have a big difference. But continue watching pf and using extra reliever if necessary.

Definitely worth sorting with your GP though

Good luck!


Easy to forget to check meds, all of us have various conditions with a total of 21 different meds. Trying to keep track is hell.Once our Drs didn't realise my son had been on 10mg instead of 5mg for 5 years, did tell them but they would not let us have anymore. Told them that they were being petty and a hospital bill will surely follow,that's not cost affective!Asda do a lending service, as long as you take your next script in to them.I ran out of seretide 250 for my Son once over a bank holiday, they weren't even our pharmacy. I swapped after this as they have been really great (unlike the actual store, long story but wont ever shop there again). My Hubby ran out of some of his meds (probs with manufacturer) they phoned around and managed to get supplies.

You could get a supply if you have a store near and argue with the surgery Monday. Good luck, if you lived near by you could have borrowed some of ours, we have 2 of us on it!

Good luck

Kate x


It is ridiculous! We live in the middle of nowhere and I've asked our chemist if we can have some 'on tick' as it were but they're saying no, you must have a weeks worth in the house. Well, if they are here I'm damned if I can find them!! And I don't request what we don't need:~/

Peak flow should be around 340 but is down to 270 this morning which I'm guessing is the way things are going to go with this cold.

Going to speak with the out of hours people and see if they can conjure some up. Monday morning I'm going to contact our practice and ask who this new system is supposed to be helping because I'm mad as a rattle snake about this.


I have had murders with my gp when it comes to Jimmys meds i was even told that 1 of his meds was very EXPENSIVE like i care if he needs it. I just make myself a pain in the ass and now they just seem to do stuff quicker to get rid of me. I really do think you have to be there worst nightmare to get the meds it all comes down to money and cutting costs which is not the person thats ills fault.

Good luck

Ashley Jimmys mummy xx


Well, the out of hours doctor was quite happy to raise us a prescription saying if she needs it, she needs it! I'm going to speak with the asthma nurse at our practice about this new system and ask that some note be made on her records stating if I request something it's because we are running out. The clenil and serevent don't have counters on them and we're still finding our way telling when they are running empty.

I wouldn't mind but we've got three bottles of Flixonase in the cupboard which will take over a year to use up because the person organising repeat requests didn't read the paperwork properly and gave us this instead of Seretide! Sometimes it was the doctors fault and sometimes the pharmacist dispensed incorrectly and I'd have a lot more hassle and a couple of days wait before we could get the Seretide we'd asked for. I guess it could be argued that the old system didn't work too well either.

Happy to be sorted now. Many thanks for your support everyone. On and offlist. I'd be lost without you!



The daftest thing of all is that you didn't prescribe the meds for your child. They did! Insane isn't it??


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