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Asthma Attacks - Back Ache


My son has been diagnosed with asthma for 8months now he is 2yrs 8mths. I use both the blue and brown (my technical terms) inhalers twice a day but over the weekend he seems at his worst and has been not only needing incresed inhalers but complaining of back ache! This is concerning in itself but my GP was very non plussed by it all and told me to increase his dosage to every 3 hours for his reliever inhaler.

The nights are always the worst and i was wondering if anyone had any tips how to soothe his sore back?

Does the hot weather make the asthma worse?

I have just found this website today and after reading through the problems of other parents i feel ten times better knowing i am not alone.

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welcome. have to say i personally am finding this weather hard going especially as pollen count so high as well. quite ofetn find my back hurts especially if chest tight. back wise warm bottle or wheat bag should help i sleep propped up on pillows as well for back and so i can breathe. Many people also find that thunderstorms don't help either its prob a case of jigglinghis meds till he settles again.

sorry can't be any more help


Hi Dawn, both my son (3 yrs 6mths) and daughter (9) have asthma and they are both struggling at the moment. I think for them the hot weather and the (as other reply says!!) VERY high pollen counts are a real problem. For both my children they cough rather than have an audible wheeze and have back ache/rib ache from the coughing. I bought them beddy bears from the chemist which you can warm up in the microwave (just glorified wheat bags!!) but for my daughter the lavender they used as an aroma made the coughing worse :) If they are really uncomfortable then I'm afraid a dose of calpol usually does the trick but you obviously can't do that every night! I rarely post on this website but agree that just reading thru is a great help and support! I do hope your son improves soon.



Hi Dawn,

I hope that you son is ok?,

Regarding back pain i have it anyway, so don't know if astma makes it worst i find that one of the best things are weat packs and also hot water bottle.

Something that are going to try are the heat pads as longs as you are not allergic to plasters

Take care



Sorry your son is not doing so well. re: back ache, this will be coused by the muscles tireing from coughing...and a warm/hot water bottle or such likes will help. My son used to get terrible back and chest pains when he was bad with asthma, I used to gently tap his back more like patting and gently massage as it reasured him. Also to sit down holding / hugging a pillow or similar (teddy or soft toy) helps the muscles relax as ell as confort

Hope he feels better soon... and don't be afraid of asking the doctor for more advice if it continues.

Good luck


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