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persistant cough how long does pred take to work

hy all

wondered if you had any ideas

my son is 8 hes been coughing all the time since he was 3

hes on montelucast

brown and blue inhalers

he was diagnosed with tracheomalacia 2 yrs ago from a broncoscopy

he had another last yr and they said he seemed better

although he has all the same symptoms

hes taking cefixime untill easter in case of infection

but hes still coughing

and clearing his throat

he gets v hoarse too?


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Hi there. I can't really help you but have you spoken to your GP or the specialist responsible for you son's case? I always find it really difficult when my son (who is just over 2 and has viral-induced asthma) starts to cough as I don't know whether its the beginning of his asthma or just a cough? Wishing you good luck. Kristina


pred will usually work within 24 hours, but only to reduce the inflammation in his lungs, question is thats whats causing the cough, or is something else causing the inflammation such as a virus, if it doesn't settle down and it should have by now, pay another tip to the GP.


A few different doctors have told me that pred takes between 4 - 6 hours to work. I sometimes find I seem to have alternating days with pred where one day it seems to be magic, and the next day it appears to be doing nothing.


Prednisolone usually works quick with children improvement usually seen on the day it's started. So maybe best that your son sees the gp again. Also with trachemalasia it may be causing the cough so better that a de does se him again


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