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Asthma, excema and hayfever.

Hi all

I'm new here and thought i'd tell you a little about myself, and why i'm here.

I have Twin boys who are now 7, and they are identical. They both have had excema and food allergies since they were 4 months. At 4 they developed hayfever, which caused breathing difficulties for which they needed an inhaler, and as of September 2006 we have also been told they have asthma.

With the amount of things they are allergic to and the amount of medicine they need to control all this (it can take 2hrs a day to treat them) as well as the waking in the night, i'm exhausted!

I seem to be taking them to appointments at the doctors, excema nurse, asthma nurse and various hospitals all the time.

Anyway, I was hoping to meet people going through the same sort of things. I'm sure we are not alone but I don't know anyone who has all three conditions.

My apologies for rambling


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Hi Charlotte. Welcome to the boards.

I'm sure you will find many other people on the board in your position (or who suffer from the same conditions as your children).

From my limited medical knowledge, I know that asthma, eczema and hayfever are all ""atopic"" conditions - if you develop one, there is an increased possibility of you developing the others. My wife, for example, has had eczema for many years but has only developed asthma over the last 6 years or so.



I'd love to hear from you!

My daughter is almost four and sounds very similar to your two. She has asthma, eczema (from top to toe) and hay fever, not to mention multiple severe allergies to wheat, dairy, nuts, eggs, soya, fish, latex, tomato, kiwi, animals and house dust mites, washing up liquid and I think nail varnish now too!

We spend our time between our local hospital and Leeds where the consultants say they haven't met anyone as severe as Emily in a very long time. Would be great to keep in touch and swap stories!!!


I have all three conditions - its quite common to have the lot!! I also have allergic rhinitis (like hayfever, but since its not just pollen I'm allergic to - I get it all year round).


Hi all

Thanks for the replies

So how do you cope? The biggest thing for me is them waking in the night still. If they have scratched their excema and bled it means changing the sheets etc. They also seem to get alot of nightmares particularly after taking ceterizine (i think that's how you spell it). Does anyone else find this?

Thanks again



my son has asthma,eczema and allergic rhinitus. He has had these since he was very small. I have gone through the sleepless nights in fact still having them.I used to wake up in his room and not remember getting there. Endless meds and wet wraps which we have found are the only thing that helps.I must say dealing with one is bad enough never mind twins!! You must be worn out. My son used to look like a tomato and at one time managed to pick up one of these superbugs in a crack in his face.

Oh yes and endless hospital visits which sorry to say but 10 years later still no different, sometimes wonder why I bother going.We are lucky as he isn't allergic to any foods so far but to dusts, pollens and moulds but these are hard to avoid.

I know that sometimes I find it hard and although my family are great it can be really frustrating when you are so tired.


Asthma,Eczema and Hayfever

My son's symptons are certainly not as sever as you describe but I work with the Health Visitors with in GP surgeries. You should discuss the difficulties of attending loads of various appointments they maybe able get your children to attend clinics more local. I presume they send you joint appts for the twins and not separate ones on differeing days.

I am asthmatic myself from the age of 9 months (now 30 eek!) but there comes a point when you have to learn to do things for yourself. They are 7 and should be able to begin learning a new routine with your guidance. One could strip the bed while you see to the other and vice versa, get them to help with meds/wet wraps etc. But I have to ask is changing the bed a real priotirty in the middle of the night would you be able to leave it till the morning.

I used to do things asthma realted to get my mum's attention, there is a grey area here with the nightmares, just like when they were babies if they get used to you coming through because they get your attention then they will keep doing it, I am no way saying it's not genuine but you do have to set bounderies just the same.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you have to growing boys that are not babies anymore and with your guidance they need to learn to help.

With the appointments I would certainly point out your difficulties.


Valeriana - eventually things become normal, and you do find a way to cope.

For me, trial and error on decent antihistamines was the secret to a happier life. I'm still struggling with the eczema patches, although they're minor - just very irritating!

If your boys scratch while they sleep, fit them with mittens in bed. It reduces the damage they can do, and consider covering the worst areas (if you can) with bandage (or wet-wrap) to protect them in bed.

The secret to less itch is regular emollient, generously applied. As soon as it starts to itch, smother it! Easier said than done, I know - but honestly, persevere and it really will help. The boys should be at an age when they can start to do some of these things for themselves, too - which will help your exhaustion a bit!

Feel free to pm if you want to ask anything specific, or are just in need of a good rant! Take care.

Karen xx


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