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Sulphites and asthma

Has anyone else noticed that the sulphites in food and drink make their childs asthma worse? My husband and I have spent a lot of time trying to work out what triggers my 3 year old sons asthma and it appears that sulphites in food and drink may be the key. We noticed his asthma was really bad over christmas when he drank a lot of a certain fruit drink (wont mention which). Since we stopped giving it to him he has been so much better. He now drinks organic apple juice mixed with water. However on Friday he went to a birthday party and pinched someone elses drink and drank it without me realising until it was too late. By Saturday he was poorly with high temperature (40), rapid pulse, bad chest and had to have lots of inhalers.

Just wondered if anyone else had noticed anything similar in their little ones?

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this came up a little while ago, but was for adults, and things like wine and dried fruit that use sulphites as preservatives did cause problems, so your little one's not alone, think perhaps the wine may be of the list of possibles, but citric fruits as well. Try the search box for sulphite...


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