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Infection or not?

i am after a bit of advice re my 10 yr old daughter.

Cuurently she is on Serevant 1 puff twice a day and pulmicort 2 puffs twice a day and ventolin prn.

Back in early oct she picked up a chest infection and was given antibs , about a week after finishing them her cough came back with full force, its is a real bark and only occasionaly sounds as if there is something on her chest and she says shes not coughing up anything.

We saw the practice nurse 10 days ago for her flu jab who said her chest sounded clear but she is still coughing alot. It is only eased for a short time by either her ventolin, pholocodine linctus or strepsils(she says her throat isnt sore tho)

I m unsure if it is worth making an appt for her at the GP as it isnt really stopping her from doing her normal activities (except for outside sport)

What do u think?

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i think as far as kids are concerned you can never be to careful,

i would definitely see the GP,my sons GP is always happy to see him even if its me just being a bit on the over protective side,i.ve been shocked i've taken him and the doc has prescribed pred for him,as i didn't think he was that bad!!!!

even if its mainly for your peace of mind i would get her in.

hope everything turns out ok?


mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi hops,

I'm sorry to hear that Chloe isn't too well. I think you should definitely take her to see your doctor. Even if she doesn't have any symptoms of infection, it sounds like her asthma is not as well controlled as it could be if she is getting these sorts of symptoms, so best to get it checked out. Most GPs would far rather see her now and sort it out than wait and have to deal with it if it gets worse.

Take care, and hope you get sorted

Em H


Thanks guys for your replies.

I spoke to the GP who has agreed that yes she does need to be seen so we now have an appt on tues.

H e knows that i know all the warning signs of an attack and that given she has been poorly for a few weekes with no change it was deemed not urgent but i have had to up her pulmicort

will keep u posted


Well we say GP on Tues who has now upped Chloe's steriod inhaler to 200 from 100, i am hoping it will kick in soon as all of us inc her are fed up with her barking! Strangely the other thing that seems to help a bit are strepsils ??!!

She is to be reviewed first week in Jan but if no improvement by next thurs i have to ring GP and we will try another route possibly singulair


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