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Not been on in a very long time


As the title says 've not been on the site for a long time. this is because we weren't entitley sure if my little boy has asthma. But now the Drs have finaly (had a couh since he was 4 mnth, now 18 mnths) decided to give him a brown inhaler, This time the Dr said that it definatley is as my family has a big history of childhood asthma.

Hopefully will be on here a bit more now

Michelle and Jonathan

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not been in very long

i'm fairly new to this site also, My son is 5 now and has been diagnosed since around the same as your wee one. Syptoms started at about 18 months but my GP was fairly quick to decide becuase of my history, in fact her comment at the time ""well this was a four-gone conclusion"".

I would love to here how you are finding things - I've been looking for advice just recently and have found this site to be very supportive.

Keep in touch


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