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little nutter was at nursery today, they took the kids outside to play, little nutter was then sick due to coughing.

they have said ln has to stay off tomorrow as he has been sick as that is their policy. (fair enough if a child has a virus)

we had a dr appointment today anyway to check up on his asthma, deff no infection at all and its just the asthma.

may just stay off anyway and have a day at home but surely they should recognise that he is not sick so can still attend nursery.

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Nope Nurseries and schools are so stupid when it comes down to things like this. The amount I have argied that my Ryan is OK to bein school is stupid. Could you put in his asthma action plan that sick is one of his syptoms of his asthma? Ryan was alwasy sick when he had attacks or bad patches with his asthma but know he is old that seems to have stopped unless he has a chest infection as sadly he still hasn't developed the gag reflex to bring up the bad phylem and being sick is the only way he can get rid of the gunk. Hope littl eone gets better soon and why o why did they take the kids out-side in thsi weather knowing full well that your little one has asthma aswell it really makes me laugh


thanx for ur reply, we just had a day at home anyway as he just deteriorated after that, his asthma is not great atm, so easyer when he is at home to keep on top of things.


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