phlegm in asthma

Hi! I have a 6 year old daughter who is suffering from asthma from the age of 5, she gets mucus around her airways evry 2-4 months which triggers off coughing and eventually asthma. In order to prevent an asthma attack as soon as the coughing starts I take her down to the GP who prescribes antibiotics and after one week she is her normal one again. I am very, very concerned about all the antibiotics my daughter is taking, the damage they causing to her gut and flora does anyone know of any complementary remedy that can help to the removal of mucus or prevent it? I just can't believe that my poor daughter will carry on taking antibiotics all her life, Doctors can't help and I am desperate to find something. Please if anyone has ever experienced my same problem with their child let me know, my e-mail is: Many thanks. S Fanchi

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  • just a thought, i'm no doctor but anti biotics only useful in infection. Is your child suffering repeated infection? It could be the case that the asthma is causing lots of phlegm but that wouldnt respond to anti bitoics if not infection. Someone please correct me if im wrong but in our experience Sean can sometimes sound like he drowning in phlegm but has no infection. Maybe docs need to try a new angle rather than repeated anti biotics?

    good luck


  • phlegm in asthma

    Thanks, Julie, for your reply. However you have not said what the doctors do to remove phlegm from your child's airways or if you have ever tried an alternative/complementary remedy to do the trick. Please tell me more. Susan

  • We have to do chest physio up to four times a day whn his airways very congested and also use ventolin regularally to keep airway open. We were taught how to do chest physio by Rbh when Sean was a toddler. We havent used any alternative therapies as Sean has very severe asthma which requires extensive medication so i would be very wary of trying these therapies incase it has major consequences.

  • one thing which helped mine when they were that age was to lay them face down over my legs (no you don't need to call child line at this stage) and use you hands in a 'chopping' motion firmly over the back. this tends to loosen the muck in my expereince. also menthol crystals or similar in a steam inhaler (looks like a toddlers cup and a nebuliser mask combined) can help. if you've got a nebuliser try putting a smaller amount if purified water in the nebule unit and run it as you would for ventolin.

    i hope these helps a bit and that your child soon feels better. i agree antibiotics won't help the asthma unless it is a chest infection although i am also not medical.

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