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Food issues

Do any other parent's notice issues towards food and meal times. My child has suffered with asthma for three years now, but from when he was a baby he had issues towards foods in his mouth and would often gag.After seeing a specialist reflux was ruled out and he was diagnosed with asthma. Although medication has helped the wheezing and gets the asthma under control food issues seem to be getting more of an issue when stressed.recently went on holiday and his asthma and food issues by the end of the week he was projectile vomiting when made to eat, weak and very wheeze with his asthma. It would be great to hear any feed back on this.

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Hello JeffJeff,

My nephew is 7 months and had had more or less 3 chest infections so far.

He does seem to chuck up a bit especially when he is really gungy / phlemmy!

He doens't seem to associate food with puking yet as he seems to gobble down his bottle or next meal OK etc - may be a bit young to remember LOL! (Not pleasnt for auntie though as she does remember!)

Anyway, perhaps with an older child they may associate food with being sick and so when made to eat, stress makes them sick. Perhaps a dietitian or even a child psycologist who deals with eating & food problems may be able to help him and get to the bottom of the issue. They can help the child with tasting things and getting used to different textures of food.

Is there any food that he does enjoy?

Sorry can't be of more help as I don't have children myself.

Take care



Stress and being sick i'm sure can make asthma worse.

How old is he? Do you have a health visitor you can contact as they are the best peple to ask about under 5's behaviour things! If over 5 you can ask to see the school nurse service who can with this type of thing.

Is he a normal weight for his age? If so wouldn't be too concerned about making him eat. i'm sure kids always eat more than we think they do!

I have a daughter who wouldn't chew and frequently projectile vomited but it turned out to be because of glue ear causing pain and a milk intolerance causing exzema and vomiting.

Have you tried all the supernanny/ little angels type techniques to reduce the stress about meal times otherwise you can get caught in a vicious circle with stress/food/vomiting/asthma! i think theres a load of ideas on the bbc parenting website like not making a big deal about eating showing you're not stressed about it, banning snacks so they're hungry and most important playing lots of food games like make your own fruit skewers baking cakes decorating shop bought biscuits, playing with dough anything to take the stress away from food and associate it with fun again.

Stay calm and good luck!


Marmite! thanks for the better advice! LOL!

JeffJeff - marmite is very experienced!



Thanks Kate - not very experienced just makes lots of parenting mistakes and permanently demented!!!

and has just set fire to the grill again oops


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