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Strange Colour

Hi my daughter has brittle asthma and we went to the park today, we were there for just under an hour. She was fine until on the way home when she went so pale with a tinge of blue, she was very quiet and sleepy. We came home and she fell asleep in my arms. I then put her to bed where she slept for a couple of hours. She is now up and about but has a chesty type cough but not like croup. I have never experienced this and wondered if this is normal. She is on seretide and a tablet (can't spell it).

Really appreicate your replies.

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You need to get a doctor to see your daughter asap, if anyone starts getting a tinge of blue this means they are lacking oxygen, and should be given their reliever inhaler imediatley and taken to hospital.

Not to panic you too much, good luck at the doctors.


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