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Told to take child off Beclametasone - any advice?


My 10 yr old daughter has asthma for 6 years. Her asthma has been well controlled all that time - only used Beclametasone - used blue reliever approx 8 times a year.

Our asthma nurse told her to stop using daily medication 3 years ago. Within 6 weeks of stopping it, my daughter had a chest infection which led to steroid tablets and then back on Beclametasone.

She had her Beclametasone reduced to 1 puff morning and 1 puff night aout 2 years ago and was still symptom free.

Asthma nurse suggested stopping Beclametasone again recently. Daughter has been off it for almost 3 weeks. Her peak flows were originally 245-260 (sometimes 280). They have fallen to 210 today (she does have a cold though). We are due to see the asthma nurse soon.

Has anyone else had a child taken off their daily medicine?

I feel certain that my daughter is asthmatic and is better off being symptom free on the 2 puffs Beclametasone a day. Has anyone else had a situation like this?

Does anyone know how long it takes for Beclametasone to start taking effect? If you stop taking it, does anyone know how soon symptoms might start?


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