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Experiences of Prednisolone Tabs (sorry everyone I managed to post this in the wrong forum)

and so my saga continues...after my chest xray results clearly suggests that I have asthma my GP will still not formally diagnose Asthma as he says he doesnt want to label me?! Anyway I explained that I am still struggling with symptoms despite using my preventer inhaler as directed and my reliever at least 3 times a week (which I understand shows uncontrolled asthma),so he calls in the asthma nurse who suggests a weeks course of Prednisolone x6 tabs daily (30mg) ) However the G.P then turned to me (after the nurse had left) and basically asked me how long I wanted to take them for. When I asked what he meant,he explained that I could either take the weeks course and then stop or taper down. I have no medical knowledge or experience of using steriods previously so asked my him what he recommended and he said for me to taper,so I took his advice and he worked out a tapering schedule which basically means I will be on the tablets for six weeks (6 tabs daily for a week,5 tabs daily the next week,4 tabs daily next week...etc) which is a lot longer than the nurse recommended and from doing research on the internet I am concerned about the side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Im hopefully going to talk to the asthma nurse next week or contact nhs direct for some advice as Im thinking Imay have changed my mind and want to quit after a week. Im on day two today and have already seen a slight improvement.

How long is a standard course? Should I be carrying a steroid red card? (which I only found out by the way by researching on the net,neithet the gp or pharmacist mentioned this when prescribing me 150 steriod tablets) I appreciate that everyones situation/circumstances are different but would be interested in hearing about peoples experiences. Many Thanks! (and a special thanks 2 AUKfor all the literature sent to me as requested,it has been very valuble in helping me understand my condition a little more)

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Hi Caroline, I would follow the GPs advice and taper down. I have taken preds on and off nearly all my life and the length of the course depends on how bad I am. I usually take them for 2 weeks now but in the past I have been on preds for 2-4 months. I always tapered down very gradually.

Dont worry about the side effects at this stage - it's more important to get your asthma under control.

Must admit I have never carried a steroid card and it's never been suggested to me - but it might be a good idea to have one.


Hi caroline.

Sorry to hear your asthma is playing up.

As far as I've experienced with my family (the five of us are all asthmatic to varying degrees) the standard dose has been a five day course. Most of the time 30-40mg.(6-8 tablets). We ve never been told to taper down after a short course. My sister takes them for 2 weeks and again doesn't taper.

My youngest daughter has been on them for over four months daily and will taper when eventually, if ever, she comes off them.

I think a call to your asthma nurse would be a good idea, if only to put your mind at rest. In the meantime though, follow to the letter what your gp has said.

I'm glad you have noticed a difference already. I always find by day 3 that I can breathe easier.

Take Care and let us know how you get on.

Emily x



Hi, I am finishing a two week course of Prednisolone. I was advised that I could stop the course without tapering off as it was a period of less than three weeks. After that they (respiratory nurses) would advise to taper off the steroid. I have done this before without any adverse effects. 150 tablets seem an awful lot to me. When I have tapered off before it was 8 the first day, the second etc. again with no adverse effects


Thanks everyone for your shared experiences. Ive got an appointment with the asthma nurse next Monday so will carry on with gps advice until then and hopefully the nurse can advice/direct me a bit further. Will be on week 2 of tabs by then so it may still be possible for me to either stop or taper down a bit more quickly. 6 weeks does seem a lot to me,especially when nurse only recommended 1 to try and get my initial lung inflammation under control following my kinda diagnosis. Will have to wait and see but but got my fingers crossed that after seeing the nurse I am a bit better informed about what Im dealing with. xx


Maybe you could try giving the nurse a quick call and have a chat over the phone. Good luck and hope things improve soon x


Maybe you could try giving the nurse a quick call and have a chat over the phone. Good luck and hope things improve soon x


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