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A little worried tonight

Hi everyone,(my first post was ''im new here..'') well been to see the consultant on friday and now my sons been put on hay fever meds and some granuels that u put in food on a evening (not sure of name as hes still waiting for chemist to get them in) if he gets any more ear or throat infections in the next 4mths then there gona put him grommits in and take his tonsuils out :-( hes got too much mucus and thats making him sick but they said theres nothing they can do for it only try these granuels to open his airways!

Anyway today hes been very sleepy which when he has a bad day he is very sleepy but he hasnt had one of his bad days (if that makes sence) but tonight im paying for it and hes having a bad time. Im not sure if im worrying as im on my own as his daddys working away so i think things always seem worse when ur on ur own. But at tea time 5pm he started coughing and crying by 6pm he was throwing up very thick mucus, then he settled abit but then by 7pm he was screaming again and throwing up again, he carmed down at 8pm and went to sleeep but hes breathing seems very fast then slow and he sounds like a train then he goes very quite then pants like hes out of breath!! Am i worrying over nothing? I know i probably am x

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Hi Loz,

If you're at all concerned then seek a medical opinion. Do you have an on call doctor that you could ring? If not and you are concerned then a visit to A+E may be in order. We can't give you medical advice as we can't see your boy but if you are worried then please do get medical advice.

Good luck - it's so worrying when children are poorly and worse when you are coping with it alone.



hi loz

i agree with feejay

does his blue inhaler help him?

if ur at all concerned, u know ur boy best, u need to take him hospital preferably to get him checked over.

even if it for peace of mind :)

good luck and hope he better soon :)


Just wondered how you are doing. Is your little one doing any better?


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