Hi Everyone,

My son who is 3 years and 10 months has a diagnosis of Autism is now showing very strong signs of Asthma as well (4 attacks in 7 or 8 months). As usual the powers that be do not want to ""label him"" and we await further developments. I know he has Asthma as I suffered from it as a child so can spot the sign a mile off. What I ask is does anyone know or have experience of ASD and Asthma together in a child? Any help would be great! I have also approached the National Autistic Society and wait response.


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  • Hi, it must be tough, my family have a history of autism, lots of my cousins have it from severe to mild asbergers. My son has recently been diagnosed with mild developemental delay which covers dyslexia, dyspraxia, adhd,ocd, tourettes and all types of autisim. Matty is 8 and is dyslexic and has adhd and all the above in much smaller degrees plus severe asthma,his asthma is triggered by colds and emotions. The emotion bit is a disaster as he misinterprets things and gets very upset over something that seems nothing to us.This brings on a severe attack. When he's done something naughty I have to tell him off with an inhaler in my hand ready.Matty is unusual as most children have asthma that can be controlled really well, like his elder brother. Hopefully your son will have mild asthma.

    Matty's behaviour is so much better now as we have been going to the chiropractor under the 'Tinsley House Clinic' for 6 months now(you can google it and have a look).

    It is expensive to start with and I wasn't sure it would help.£150 for the first hour, £100 for next 45 mins, then £50 thereafter.We go every two or three months, then eventually just a yearly review.We use exercises to get both sides of Matty's brain to work together.It works better for the children before they are 8 or 9 as the brain will keep hold of the information. He's never been able to ride a bike but now wants to go out to try!

    Matty was assessed for dyslexia in July and told he had it. The school reassessed him 2 weeks ago to see what they could do to help and said he hasn't got it now!!

    Matty's behaviour is better too, he is far calmer and we all love the difference.There is a lady I met whilst at the clinic who travelled a 200 mile round trip to go there with her autistic son who was in a specialist school but after a year is now in a mainstream comprehensive. He was chatting away to my boys and she said this wouldn't have happened a year ago.

    Sorry for the long post.

    Good luck, I know what you mean about labels we have been trying to get help for Matty since he was three, we knew there was a problem, but have finally got an answer

    Take care


  • Hiya,

    My elder sister has severe Autism (she's 25 now) and she can't read, talk or write and strggles with co-ordination and interacting with more than one person at a tme. I've got mild dyspraxia, was worse when I was younger but it's not too bad now and hasn't held me back. My elder brother has pretty bad Asperger's Syndrome. The only thing I can really suggest is making everything routine and not backing down on taking his meds and stuff like that. My sister has severe epilepsy and has to have inections and hospital trips and trips to the clinic to control it, she doesn't like any of it, lets face it who would but we react in the same way every time we just keep calm and let her know it will be happening and it kind of helps her to deal with it, if you react different ways to the same things this can get frutstrating and confusing to someone who is autistic wich you probably already know. It depends on how bad he is and his own personality but we play the same CD each time she's going to the docs/clinic/hosp appt, it helps her to realise what's coming. I'd agree that emotions may well be a trigger they trigger my sisters fits quite often. How Autistic is your son (or how bad do they think it is, as it is early days). He's probably not as Autistic as my sister, so I don't want to worry you or anything. She does have it at the extreme end, she was only 18 months when they spotted it and her medical team have never met anyone as bad, especially not in a girl. All I remember when we were all growing up was that everything was done in the ""right"" order like my sister used to have her meds, have a story and go to bed, similarly in the morning she used to get up, washed, breakfast then meds maybe try something like this? We still have to be like that now and she's 25, but if it works then go for it I guess.

    Good luck with everything, try not to worry too much about your little lads Autism, my sister is the most loving and pleasant of my five siblings! lol

    Claire xx

  • Thank you very much to both of you for your replies. Jake had yet another asthma attack through last night and i am beyond tiredness. I will reply fully tommorrow. Again thank you

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