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Acid Reflux or Asthma?

My 20 month old son was diagnosed with asthma after 12 months of endless coughs, colds and sickness. The sickenss occurs mainly after coughing, but occassionally without warning!!!!

We were fed up of being fobbed off by the GP, saying it was all part of growing up, teething and because of staring nursery. We demanded he be referred and the situation be investigated further. Before we managed to see the consultatnt he was admitted to hospital following coughing blood, he was then diagnosed with asthma after test on his immune sytem, cystic fibrosis test, TB checks and chest xrays. He has had 9 courses (in 12 months) of anti biotics to clear up infections (chest and ear) and also seen an ear, nose and throat consultant for his ear infections.

I am not convinced it is asthma. I have looked into acid reflux and the symptoms lend themselves more to that than asthma. His night coughing (and sickness) are on and off, not really coughing in the day.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of situation? Dispite all of this he is full of energy, is growing and gaining weight. As long as he is gaining weight and growing the doctors don't seem too concerned, but sickness for 12 months is surely not right!

Any ideas?


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Hi sorry your son hasn't been well.

I'm affraid I can't say if your son has asthma or reflux as I am not medically qualified, but I can tell you of my own experiences on the matter.

You say he has been sick for 12 months? Has he had a urine test done? It may sound simple but after months of taking my son to the gp and being told 'babies get sick' they finally listened and did a urine test. The poor little mite an infection and it made him quite poorly he too was active and eating, gaining weight, although I'm not sure how he was gaining weight because he was sick alot!.

He also had antib's every 3 weeks or so, until recently, for chest infections but he *does* have asthma.

What meds is he taking for his 'asthma' and are they having any effect?

It can take a while to get the right combination of preventer etc to get in control. My son started off with a 'viral wheeze' at 11 months and we were given a blue reliver. As time as gone on (he is 3 now) he has been given other inhalers. A preventer (amounts have changed with the seasons) a night time tablet (also a preventer) and another type of reliever. It is only now that we are on top of his syptoms and in fairly good control of it.

I would go with your instinct and just keep going back to the gp and push for some answers. At the end of the day your son can't tell you what is wrong and you need to just keep going be=ack. I did and I'm sure others here have spent alot of 'pushing' time at their surgerys too. Heck I had one nurse say I should put my name on a chair as I was literally there daily for a while.

Push push push. You will get it sorted and a happy answer in the end.

Good luck and I hope you son gets well soon.


ps forgot to say, everytime we went to the gp they commented on how active my son was! It doesn't mean they are not well some kids are just very active. Even pneumonia didn't stop him running riot in hospital LOL


Hi Ali

I'm sorry your son has been so poorly - it sounds like both he and you have been through a lot!

Like Sarah i'm not medically trained so can't say whether it's asthma or reflux.

My son (3 1/2) has been ill since about 4 months - broncillitus - viral wheeze and then asthma (that's the condensed version). He's been on asthma meds daily since he was 2 - initially we were in and out of hospital from 7 days to 5 hours.

Since last spring he's been ok - only quick flying visits to hospital and not many courses of AB's and not too many oral steroids.

It took us a long time to get his meds sorted - to get the right balance between what when and how often. So if your son does have asthma it could take a while to get it stabalised.

Over the last couple of years - i've felt like getting a bed in the gp's surgery - we've been there several times in a couple of days. So don't worry about keeping on until you get it sorted either with GP or with consultant.

As for being active - my son is often very hyper - even when very poorly - one GP wanted to lower his meds because Ollie was 'bouncing off the walls' and 8 hours later he ended up being admitted to hosp for 7 days and nearly ended up in ICU - so just because little ones don't appear to be ill doesn't mean that their not!!

Mum's often know best and we know our children better than anyone else. So go with you gut instincts and hopefully you'll get it sorted soon.

Take care



hi sorry to hear about your son

im no medic but this may help

this sounds exactley like me when i was younger and what my mum says about me when i was that age. she reallt had to push my gp to get help. i am now asthmatic and was eventually diagnosed when i was 6. 10 years on its alot more under control thanks to asthma inhalers

keep pushing ur gp good luck hope this hrlps and your son gets better soon

luv lil tinx xxxxxxxxx


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