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confused and frustrated

long story but here goes

6 year old daughter with chronic cough

told it was asthma given inhaler- no affect

given two inhalers and chest xray (clear) inhalers minimal effect. Gp said its not asthma so stop inhalers, referred to pedeatrician, saw him last week he said deffinately asthma upped the inhaler doseage and added singular, said he'd write to gp and we had to go there for the prescription, did that today say yet another doc who said he was convinced its not asthma and prescribed a cough suppressent and told us to return in 1 week, told us to stop all inhalers, she is coughing like crazy !!!!!! its doing my head in we really don't know where we are and I wish we had some answers.

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just hang in there... I have had all of this, yes he has it then not much asthma going on... well make up your mind..... it took a long series of test until he was eventually diagnosed with severe chronic allergic asthma....first it was ongoing endobrochial infection them cystic fibrosis possibly then asthma then not.... I was around the bend....

Hope you get it sorted its just such a worry when you arent get any satisfaction from anywhere... mixed messages....

take care..

Beverley xxx


Hi there,

We too went through this with our 2 youngest daughters. Conflicting opinions making you feel like you're fumbling around in the dark. Our youngest was being repeatedly treated for chest infections despite having clear xrays. Finally saw the consultant who stopped all antibiotics and treated her for asthma which she responded too. It turned out to be triggered by new carpet we had put down . Our second youngest daughter then started coughing last summer. G.P. treated her for asthma because of her sister having it. After referral to consultant it was diagnosed as a post viral cough which has returned a few times, but not asthma.

I would not hesitate taking your child into A&E at any time if you are getting concerned or distressed. I beleive in going with instinct.

We made several trips in with ours, if anything it highlights a diagnosis being needed.

I hope things improve for you soon as I know how distressing it can be.

Good luck.


Hi Billy

I'm not surprised that you are confused and frustrated if the 'professionals' can't agree then how are us mere mortals supposed to know what to do. If your GP is saying it's NOT asthma then what do they think it is?

I'm not sure how long your daughter's been on inhalers and which ones. But i do know that it can take quite a while for it all to sort itself out and to get the right balance. Also i know with my son that if he has a bad attack then it can take a long time to get back to normal.

I'm not sure as my son is too young for one - but has your daughter been given a peak flow meter - i'm sure children over about 5 are usually able to use them. I'm sure from stuff i've read that peak flows are used to help diagnose asthma. So if her condition is being disputed by different dr's then keeping a peak flow diary may help to make a diagnosis - you can get them from dr's -

As for taking her off her inhalers - that's a tricky one - i would speak to GP again (we always try to see same one as this helps with continutiy) and also speak to Paediatrician (if possible) - it's all well and good the dr's disagreeing with each other but it doesn't really instil confidence!!! Maybe your GP could ring the consultant so that they can discuss their differences and come up with a plan that you can all work with.

I don't know if you've ever spoken to asthma nurse on this site - but they should be able to help - to give advice on which questions to ask dr's and how to move forward.

If you are at all concerned about your daughter's cough then go straight back to DR's.

I hope that your daughter's cough improves soon and that they don't completely drive you nuts!!!

Take care



I'm not sure if I should post on this section of the boards but here goes.

Please don't give up. I am an adult with asthma and I had a horrendous barking cough everytime I caught a cold or a virus from when I was 7 or 8. That is going back and not much was talked about asthma. My GP just used to say there's a lot of it about and hand out antibiotics and cough syrup. I wasn't diagnosed until I was 19 when I changed GP's and yet I had exactly the same symptoms. From that time onwards I was on beclametasone daily and salbutamol as I needed it. I still got the cough but it always cleared up quicker. It's had it's moments and I've had plenty of acute attacks (I had, had them before and just not known it). Learning about my asthma meant that I could with hindsight identify the times when my asthma was to blame for difficulties I had with sports at school. I'm now 40 and continue to take daily meds and have good and bad times.

Go with your instincts and keep on at the docs.



Hi Billy How awful for you to be fobbed off by the very people who are supposed to help and so fustrating!! I know with Scott(7) before he started on Becotide, every time he had a cold or respiratory infection he would have an awfull cough that would take a while to clear. Now that he is on Becotide the cough is still there but not so bad and not for so long Maybe you could see if GP or Con could try your daughter on a steroid inhaler which would dampen down any inflammation in her chest Hope she's better soon Lovely day here in Caithness hope its nice with you


The doc could'nt find a peak flow metre at the surgey, she is almost 7 so should be able to do a peak flow, yet no one has ever done one?????

Thanks for the replies I will keep going back, she got really upset last night because she was coughing so much and could'nt get to sleep, I just feel helpless as there feels like there is nothing I can do. She does'nt get breathless just coughs constantly.


Hi Billy

Your gp should have a peak flow metre to demonstrate but could give you a prescription to get one from chemist - i think asthma nurse should/would give you advice as to how to use it and keep a dairy - but then as your GP doesn't think that your daughter has asthma then their not likely to give one i suppose.

If you are at all concerned about your daughter then please go to A&E - i'm not sure where you are but our A&E is always really good and we always get seen quickly - also this would give another opinion!!!

Keep going back to GP until you get it sorted. Try not to let them drive you too crazy.

Take care



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