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clenil modulate 50/100

little nutter was given a clenil modulate 100 inhaler at the hospital, we went to dr on tues for a check up and to get repeat perscritions and have just noticed the new script has clenil modulate 50

I assume this has been a mistake, I haven't taken the persctiption to the chemist yet, should I call the drs 1st before going so it can b changed?? or can the chemist do it if i take the asthma plan from hospital and current inhaler with us?

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If its wrong then your GP will have to change it. Hope you have a spacer as well for your son to use Anyone under 15 must always use one with clenil regardless of dose.



Chemist won't be able to do this, the script will have to be adjusted by a GP. Take the current inhaler with you and explain at your GP's, it's a two-minute job and shouldn't be a problem.



yes we have a spacer as he is only 3 so uses the spacer with the facemask

thanx for your replies


wee update...

called the Dr who said oh thats OK and u can give him 2 puffs of the 50 if he needs it.

so maybe he will be ok on a lower dose, but u wld have thought the Dr wld have said, we will try him on the 50 and see how he gets on??

who knows, we are still on the 100 that he was given by the hospital anyway.


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