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I posted in yesterday, today i took my son to asthma clinic and she checked his chest and said its all clear, know she is saying that she dont think he got asthma, but his chest could be clear cause he is having his medication propley, she also said she doesnt want to take his pumps off him coming up to winter cause last year he was constantly back and forth to doctors with chest infections, the asthma nurse is gonna ring the childrens doctor who deals with asthma in my surgery to have a word with her and is calling me tomorrow,to let me no, know i dont understand how they can say they dont think he has asthma, he has coughin fits when he is active and runs around, before that he used to cough all through the nights that he would vomit, but when they give him his pumps the coughing in nights stoped, his dad suffered from asthma from 1 to 15, if the doctor says its not asthma can i appeal against this desion cause i dont find it right, is there any other medical problems that are simalar to asthma, please some one give me some advice cause im confused, he has been reciveing treatment for asthma for about a year and half

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  • hi no easy answer i'm afraid. i'm having that discussion aboiut me at mo . my chest is always clear but struggle to breath s'times so the reg i sawv at outpatients last time reconds i cud be hyoperventerating. one day they will all understand but till then we have to persevere

  • if you aren't convinced by what the nurse said you can go and see your gp - nurses aren[t trained to diagnose, so worth seeing a doctor.

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