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Hi im new to this sight also new to Asthma so any advice would be great x (sorry for a long post)

Hi i will probably be best of starting from the begining to get the best help so sorry if its a long post x

My son was born at 37wks emergency section he was fine and we were home the next day. At 4 days he got jaundas not too bad. At 4 weeks old he got chicken poxs and was took in hospital and given anti-b's. At 6 weeks he got bronculitus, Doctors said it was due to the chicken pox. By 16 weeks and lots of visits to doctors and hospital, also alot of infections, he got transfered to another peds dr who told me the bronculitus could go on for the first yr of his life but if it was still as bad at 6mths to take him back as they would test him for cystic fibrosis. (he hasnt had this test as my gp wouldnt refer him as he had been back in hospital and was now under another consultant)

At 5 mths he was took in hospital again due to his chest and also stopping breathing when asleep. He was in hospital 1 week and we were told he had sleep apnia, reflux (which i was knew but my gp told me he was just a sicky baby and wouldnt treat him for it) and also asthma as he had a few breathing/coughing fits in the hospital, he was put on 2 inhalers brown and blue and i was told they would see him in clinic and a asthma nurse would also be out to see him.

Since then the inhalers did seem to be working but for the last 3 weeks he's got alot worse again and each time ive took him to my doctors hes said hes ok. The last time i took him to my doctors he told me i was a over ansious mother and i should stop worrying at a cough or runny nose which really got me mad as its not the first time he has said it and each time he has said it my son has had a chest infection or a ear infection which he seems pron too. Anyway after this visit to the doctors and him still been unwell i took him to the local walk in centre to be told he has yet another nasty chest/ear infection and tonsulitus. He's been on anti-b's about 5 times hes only 8mths old.

My doctor insists he hasnt got asthma and that no doctor would have told me that he did have so i told him i wanted to see the discharge letter which clearly says my son has asthma on it. Now my doctor is refusing to send the asthma nurses out to see him as he doesnt agree with the hospital doctors diagnosis.

The thing im worried about apart from my gp been a total pain and putting my sons life at risk is hes now started whisling, he puts his mouth into the proper whisling posision then blows and blows (this could go on for a while) then he pants after, im now feeling guilty as on tuesday he was very 'whissly' all day then wednesday he had such a bad day he was very wheezy all day (had blue inhaler about 4 times)and sleepy as he gets very tired when hes wheezy, im guessing because its taking all his energy to breath.

Is this a sign to give him his blue inhaler when he starts to whisle like on tuesday?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and also sorry for such a long post but i really need help as to what i should be doing xx

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Hello and welcome to the forum. You and your son have been through a lot - some of it sounds familiar as my son was also born premature, and lots of health probs from word go. We were fortunate to have a very nice GP (since retired) but even he didnt want to commit to a diagnosis of asthma when I just knew it was asthma (all the symptoms plus I am an asthmatic and started as a baby). I went twice to another GP in the practice when my own GP was away and he also said it wasnt asthma. Then my son (about a year old) had a major asthma attack and the out of hours doctor (an asthmatic herself!) said it was an asthma attack and his treatment started from then.

It sounds like you are unlucky with your GP and I dont know if I can really offer any advice except to look for another GP. Easier said than done, I know, but you can always ask the surgery if any of the other GPs specialise in asthma and give that as the reason to transfer.

I have no experience of the whistling/pursing lips, so cant comment. Regarding the reflux, my son had this quite badly (still does a bit, and me too), I understand it is not uncommon in asthmatics. My son was referred to a paediatrician at 6 months because he couldnt feed and was full of wind - he was on medication for over a year which helped.

Having an asthmatic child can be quite isolating and some medics are prone to say we are 'anxious mothers' (it's nothing new, my mum was given that label when I was a child some 40 yrs ago!). We know our children better than anyone, it's important you continue to follow your instict where your baby is concerned. And it's always best to get things checked, better safe than sorry.

Sorry this is a long reply. Good luck and please feel free to send me a private message.



My son is 6 and has asthma, like yours he was in and out of hospital from birth with various chest infections and bronchilitis. He was two before he was given a diagnosis of asthma (we were told it probably was asthma when he was 6 months but because of his age it could'nt be diagnosed).

Your GP seems terrible. I think you should try and see another GP, it is natural that you would be anxious regarding your son as he has been so unwell, and a mothers instinct is rarely wrong. I have been made to feel over anxious in the past and its taken me a long time to feel more confident in dealing with medical proffessionals, it is quite within your right to see a doctor when you feel you son is unwell/becoming unwell due to his past medical history, Would it be possible for you to call your son's hospital consultant to explain the situation with the GP so the hospital can arrange for you to see the asthma nurse. ( I have had a similar problem with a GP and contacted my son's hospital consultant who was great and sorted out my GP).

I am sorry but i have no practical advise over the whistling, again i think you should take him back to see a doctor so he can be examined.

Take care of yourself x


hi thanks for ur replys means alot xx Ive been to health visitor today and explained my concerns regarding my doctor and within 5mins of been in the surgery there was a asthma nurse waiting to talk to me, so got some answers, thanks again xx


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