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New Member - Summertime, and the breathing is wheezy!

Ive just crept down the stairs after hovering over my 3yr olds bed, listening to his raspy breathing, as I do most nights and have done for the past 2 years. Weve had the scary trips to A&E and the hospital stays to boot. We all caught a nasty respiratory type of flu over Christmas and Jacks never really recovered. He coughs all the time, especially at night and after being on Prednisolone 3 times this year, weve now been told to give 4 puffs of brown inhaler day and night and give 2 puffs of Ventonlin no more than every 4 hours. Weve also started on the Singulair at night. This is to continue for the next 6 months.

Im feeling particulaly low about my little mans health right now. Summers starting and we hoped to take him fishing and walking and have family days out....but the cold truth is the minute he steps out the front door he is convulsed with violent coughing. He doubles over with it, crimson and wretching. People stop and stare. Its dreadful. I want him to be able to play with the friend he's making at nursury, but he cant keep up with them. Plus Im forever telling him to calm down and sit still. In a toy store recently I watched parents buying bikes and space hoppers for outdoor play and I was mulling over the jigsaws, as I wanted to try and keep him still.

The medicine drawer in his bedroom looks like Pete Docherty is in residence in there. Im losing confidence in my GP, despite him always getting us in for a checkup within an hour of calling. Ive taken some comfort from this forum, which I discovered this evening, but would love a repsonse from someones thats been there and bought the t-shirt.

After reading one posting on this site, Im going to persue a Paedeotricians view and ask for a referal. Has anyone else had good results from this?

Thanks to anyone taking to time to read this. It helps knowing youre not the only one living with this worrying condition. x

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hello :) sorry to hear your little boy is so unwell at the moment. I dont really have a lot to add as i dont have any children but am a severe asthmatic myself and just wanted to say hello and welcome.

It certainly sounds like his asthma isnt controlled at all and i would say definately try and get a refferal to a paediatrician who deals with respiratory illnesses as they have a much more specialised knowledge.

Hope he feels much better soon!

Nicki xx


Lynne, been there done that and got the tee shirt, only it was many many years ago. I now have a strapping 19 year old who works out, plays football, cricket, and basket ball, loves surfing and swimming. He looks after me now.

I remember crying cos he got his 1st football kit, and he got as far as opening the front door before he retreated for a neb. We were one of the lucky ones he out-grew his asthma, well he out-grew the worst of it. It must have been when he was about 9 we started to reduce his meds starting with the steriods. He still takes seretide, ventolin and singulair but we don't carry a neb everywhere for him (and they were not very portable in those days) he is no-longer on long term steriods (and growth stunted) or knocking back uniphyllin tablets at 2 years old. He was so bad he had a statement so he could have a helper who could cope with his attacks at school and his consultant once described him as the most unstable asthmatic in Cornwall. I dreaded nights and used to be expert at doing nebs without waking him.

Please don't give up or struggle on alone get yourself referred to a paediatrician and request one who is known to specialise in chests and asthma, just having someone who understands and is trying to help makes a huge difference, we had a wonderful supportive consultant and a lovely nurse at the chest clinic. Oh and ask your GP for a peak flow meter trust me even a 2 year old can be taught to use one properly and having a peak flow diary will help when you see the consultant the 1st time.

Best of luck.




Sadly I too have been there and got the t-shirt and i'm sure there will be more mums along soon. !!

Once Emily was referred to a paediatrician we never looked back, she also see's a specialist at Bristol Childrens Hospital. We now have 2 consultants and 2 sets of respiratory nurses......fantastic !! An asthma nurse is worth their weight in gold...great to talk to.

Keep your chin up, sadly it sometimes takes time and patience to get them settled. This can be tiring, scary and frustrating but i'm sure you'll get there. Em takes Singulair and it made a big difference to her asthma. I would also seek some medical advice on how much Ventolin you can give Jack when he's breathless, 2 puffs may not be sufficient. I hope Jack is feeling better soon. Em struggled at playschool keeping up with her pals and doing things they did but it improved with time and she doesnt even remember it now.

Take Care

Best Wishes Cathy xx


Thank You SO much....

Its absolutley brilliant being able to read such kind and thoughtful repsonses to the posting I made a week back. I feel quite moved (although that may be sleep deprivation and the fact that Ive only had two Polo mints in the last 12 hours!).

Jacks stabilised a wee bit now and Im thinking of investing in an air purifier to see if it helps with the night coughing. Im also going to seek out a paediatrician.

Thank you to all that replied. Im going to see if I can offer any words of support to members too, as its a little chink of light, in what can be a very gloomy, dark place at times.

Best wishes to you and your


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