fed up!

Hi again.

well am on my 5th attack of the day I feel extremely tired I could just pass out now... currently I am on my jones but my brother is driving down from

London as my mum is away and my dad can't give a ratts a*ss which is nice.of him.. my pf is rather low even after using neb which I have on again

Now.. am just so fed up of feeling so pants I rang the out of hours doc

A few hours ago that was no help ""just keep taking your meds it will clear""

I AM DOING ARRRR! Well after that call Noah rang me *my brother* just for

A general catch up but he could hear I wasn't right despite me telling him.I.was so he said he would come down *he is at uni* so am not on my jones and feeling rough but am half asleep so I need to try and stay awake!

Anyways there wasn't a question more of a vent sorry folks.


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  • Hi Will18,

    Hope you feel a little better soon,but please go the AnE if you feel you need to

    as pf is low and feel like want pass out,

    you might need more meds eg. pred.

    take care and ring 999 if you need to

    love Glynis xxx

  • If your meds & Nebs aren't working and you are not happy with the docs comments, on own, Please get help! eg 999!

    It is worrying for other users here to post messages about you struggling, I know you are just venting off and not asking for advice but please be sensible.


  • Hi Will

    Please get yourself checked out properly, if nebs aren't working to bring up peakflow then u should get yourself down to an A&E. If you are having problems with staying awake because of your breathing, and are very unwell then don't hesitate to get it sorted, even if it means calling 999 for ambulance.

    Please don't leave it, they can give you other meds to get it under control when you are there, more than nebs to get you feeling better.

  • Am just waiting for Noah am just extremely tired is all but as soon as Noah gets here I will get it sorted.

    thanks for your comments.


  • I don't think you should wait for Noah - please.....don't mess with your asthma - you are SO young and I'm sure you would rather this wasn't your obituary. I'm sorry to sound harsh but you CANNOT afford to mess about - get yourself to A & E by ambulance and Noah can meet you there.....please.

  • I do have red cords if it gets to bad but my brother is not fare and if I call an ambulance it would take that longer than Noah so don't worry.


  • Hi Will, hope your feeling much better today. If you feel like that again and especially if your neb is not helping you, go straight to A&E its not worth risking it. Life is too short, its better to go to A&E and get checked out - one of the problems with home nebs is that people stay at home too long instead of accessing the care that they need. There comes a point when nebs just don't work and its better to be where you can get help than at home. I've cut it fine a few times but won't take risks now, life is too precious. Don't mean to be alarmist but asthma can suddenly deteriorate so if in doubt its always safer to go to A&E, take good care and hope your lots better today, Lois

  • how are you feeling now WILL ? X

  • Hi Will18,

    I was sorry to read that you are going through a rough patch.

    I do hope you start to feel better soon.

    Take care of yourself

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