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spirometry test

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Hi all, how often should a COPD patient have a spirometry test? Is it just once to diagnose COPD or should it be repeated over the years to monitor the condition. Very interested in your advice/opinions/experience.

25 Replies
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I was originally having one annually, having said that my last was early 2019 2020,s was cancelled due to covid and never reinstated.

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I have pulmonary fibrosis so I have one every six months

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It’s used to monitor progression is my understanding. I have mine done every visit to pulmonologist every 3 months. Fortunately it has remained steady at 20% for the last 2 years. I have emphysema stage 4.

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Havent had spirometry test for over 5yrs. I have my Respiratory and COPD team for support so doesnt bother me. I have Severe COPD but have never taken notice of numbers. My Consultant told me everyone is different and manage their condition differently. Some are very negative and worry when they see the results others like myself prefer to be more Positive and not dwell on the figures. walking the long corridor before the test can affect you and if you are anxious. If you are rested and relaxed a,different result is obtained. My Consultant was amazed how well I look and my attitude when he saw my results he said he expected someone more frail to walk through door. Praised me for my Positivity as it definitely works. The patient before me was 10yrs younger, in a wheelchair also on 24/7 oxygen and with a much higher lung capacity than myself. He said they had given in and had the wrong approach. You must try and excercise and move around no matter how slowly..

Dont rely in figures and try and control anxiety as this causes rapid heart beat etc

Easier said than done I appreciate that , as i have been there. Used to suffer terrible anxiety attacks and they are really scary . But now able to control them.

I wish you good luck and find health

Sending love.xxSheila 💕⚘

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Tykelady in reply to garshe

Positive as ever Sheila. My daughter in law (a godsend) had a knockout virus at the end of last year and has now received an appointment to go for breathing tests even though she is completely recovered, yet I, the COPD patient get a girl on the end of a phone every six months. Perhaps they have got the wrong Mrs. D. x

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garshe in reply to Tykelady

Pleased your daughter had made a full recovery. Yes back to my Positive self. Had visit to dentist yesterday thoroughly enjoyed it. How many can say that lol 😬😬xxSheila 💕⚘

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Patk1 in reply to garshe

Great advice, Sheila.state of mind and health anxiety can massively impact lung health.i never panic...with my problems,I'd be dead if i did.it is a case of " use it or lose it"+ yr demonstration of u× other person r perfect .keep plodding on,keep moving x

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garshe in reply to Patk1

Lady after my own heart with the right attitude. .panic attacks can be controlled when practiced. Thank goodness I have managed this .take card and lots of love .xxSheila 👍⚘💕

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Verbena_67 in reply to garshe

I love what you said. Everyone is different, and these tests just make ppl feel worse. It's not as if they can give a magic pill if numbers worsen anyway, so I don't see the point. I think it's more important to work with a respiratory tech.

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garshe in reply to Verbena_67

Agree. We can learn to control our breathing and the right attitude helps. Positivity is the way forward xxSheila 💕

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EBiker2 in reply to garshe

your attitude is amazing and inspirational! Any tips for controlling anxiety levels would be gratefully received 😊

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garshe in reply to EBiker2

It's all in overthinking. I have taught myself to sing (quietly lol) and not think about a situation. I used to panic just going outside and walking to my car in the drive as there is a slight incline to get there. I would get myself in a state thinking I was going to go breathless and cause a panic attack . Now I breathe slowly in thro nose hold it then out slowly through mouth with pursed lips. I walk slowly to my car and dont rush. On climbing stairs I breathe in on first step then out on third, in in fourth out on 6th and so on until I reach the top again not rushing. I am always concentrating on my breathing as,I used to panic and hold my breath. I hope it works for you. Just remember you wobt die from a panic/anxiety attack.just slow breathing down.

I know easier says than done but it can be done.. relaxing is the best medicine .good luck keep practicing..xxSheila 👍💕⚘

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Spirometry tests are like hen's teeth- very rare. I haven't had one since my diagnosis in 2019. I imagine if I got in touch because I had noticed significant deterioration, it would be arranged. It would be reassuring to be told that I'm doing all right, but.... there are obviously people out there who need testing a lot more than me. The health service is appallingly overstretched.

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Hi I have 1 every year although not during covid pandemic

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Only had two since diagnosed in 2017 x

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Another example of the differences in care. I was lucky my care continued during the 'pany doo' including a spirometry test. I'm now having them regularly as part of the testing at the transplant clinic. However, I do agree with Sheila (Garshe) that the numbers are not the whole story. I don't know what my numbers were on Wednesday, I didn't ask as at the time figures were unimportant. I think each consultant has their own methods, and each patient responds differently to the figures, but if your condition has worsened then you could ask her/him to arrange one for you. (P.S. I hate the lung function test ! 😂)

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I was told I would have spirometry once a year to monitor. However covid struck and that was that. I declined an appointment recently as they are still working through a backlog. I took the attitude that I’m ok while there are others who may not even have a diagnosis yet. (I was told that if I changed my mind to let them know, but to be aware the waiting list was “months long”.) So maybe next year.

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Your clinician will decide when you need a test but I have now had four in 9 years. I started out at FEV1 46% and am now languishing at 32%! But that is the point - we all know how I am progressing.

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I had them annually until the pandemic but non since. My GP surgery still hasn't resumed doing the test.

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PaulineHM in reply to CDPO16

Yes, same for me. Primary are have been told spirometry is no longer necessary on an annual basis.

Nicholatracy profile image

usually once a year unless you experience declining symptoms 🐞

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Hello EBiker. 🙂👋 I used to have them probably once every six months. After my lung transplant I still have them the same every six months.

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I have been living with Asthma/COPD for 20 years.

Locally we are no longer offered spirometry by Primary care, although I have been offered full lung function a couple of times, initially for confirmation of the condition and then later after a severe pneumonia.

It doesn’t bother me really, I would rather work on my level of general function rather than a set of numbers, using positive health behaviours - physically and mentally.

I hope this answer helps ?

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very helpful thanks Pauline

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I have a small device I bought from Amazon to check my FEV1. Only use it when I feel my breathing is not so good. All OK so far.

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