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Inconsiderate delivery drivers

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I have a condition which causes an allergic asthma type response to everyday laundry products, perfumes/fragrances. I always ask the driver to step well back and to take a photo with the door open a little and my hand around it. Most people do not have a problem with this and are very considerate once they know I have allergies. This one driver was very rude and bullying, I let them know I was annoyed and they refused to deliver my parcel. Does anyone else have problems with drivers strong laundry fragrance or perfumed sprays and drivers being rude on top of this? Extremely annoyed!

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That wasn’t very kind of the driver Rubble. You could put in a complaint to the delivery company. I hope it doesn’t happen again. Xx

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Rubble86 in reply to sassy59

I think I just replied to myself! Thank you XX not much point it was Royal Mail! Chances are the same driver will deliver and be abusive and bullying again, and will get away with it.

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sassy59 in reply to Rubble86

How horrible Rubble. Hope you don’t see that driver again. Xx🤞🏼

Don’t understand why driver had a problem? I never have door fully open when they take the picture and am never in the photo quite deliberately…..

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Rubble86 in reply to Bevvy

Guess this person was just being a jobsworth - they also smelled very strongly of fragrance!

Thank you XX not much point. Chances are the same driver will deliver and be abusive and bullying again, and will get away with it.

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sassy59 in reply to Rubble86

Oops! Xx

lots of us have those problems . Dodging past the washing powder aisle in the supermarket is one big no-no . Certainly complain but people don't understand as they get anaesthetised by it and do not smell it at all themselves. The perfume even sticks to the parcel . imagine what it is like getting into a vehicle like that. my shopping sometimes contains perfumed washing up liquid and finding perfume free laundry liquid is not easy.

. Maybe we should circulate a rumour about perfumes being used to mask a nerve gas , and a Russian weapon against the West !

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Rubble86 in reply to Jaybird19

So glad I'm not alone in noticing perfume on parcels , I think cardboard boxes are worse than plastic, at least you can wipe plastic ( probs opened a whole can of worms mentioning plastic). Excellent idea - Westminster may be a good place to start ; ). How about a counter advertising scheme, starting with that febreze ads the one with the toilet with the woman flushing with the seat up and then sniffing the air -. FLUSH WITH THE LID CLOSED WOMAN!!! It's bad manners to leave the toilet seat up anyway, I was taught that at a very early age. No finesse these days.

Bless you ,not a nice experience for you.Yes I react to lots of synthetic fragrances.

I am sorry you had this experience ,most delivery drivers who come to the door at my home are awesome.

I hope you manage to get your parcel re delivered.

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Rubble86 in reply to Cloudancer

Thank you : ) I did get the parcel then, it's just lucky it was nothing perishable. That's awful for you too, as it is for many of us on here. Delivery drivers are usually brilliant; I suppose you'll always get one or two who just don't understandx

Hi yes it's one of my triggers too

Never have a problem with delivery men taking photos the package is on the floor and they always step back before I open the door. xxSheila 👍💕

I have a self closing fire door so I have to stand and hold it open but I always avoid photobombing the parcel's arrival.

I had a very nice delivery delivery driver, but my husband took the order as he was wearing very strong de-oderant - makes me feel very il!

How very odd. I thought they were not allowed to take pictures with the recipient in them.

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