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Lung Flute

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just wondering if anyone has information on Lung Flute. I've just been reading about the basic device online on the COPD Foundation website, which is a simple long flute (clear plastic, i think) device that you blow into and reeds in the centre vibrate. Can't see that it is available to buy in the uk.

It has been out a long time but seems strange you can't get it here! There are lots of other much more complex looking devices but thought I would prefer to try the simple one first. I have severe COPD with mostly emphysema really.

Any info would be appreciated.

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Hi Briezz I have never seen one for sale over here only other similar devices. I hope you manage to find one please let us know if you do. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Briezz in reply to Damon1864

Thanks for your reply Damon! Yes it seems strange that it's not available here! But will post on here if I find it! All best!

I bought one about 5 yrs ago in the UK. I didn't find it effective but I think that there some members who use it and find it suits them

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Briezz in reply to Littlepom

Thank you for replying. I appreciate it. Best

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Briezz in reply to Briezz

Hi Again,I was just wodering if you remember where it was you bought yours!

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Littlepom in reply to Briezz

I was trying to think. It must have been online so I probably googled it.

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Briezz in reply to Littlepom

Yes I've tried but doesnt come up! Just the more complex equivalents... although none using sound waves. Best Briezz

My understanding is it works on the basis of positive expiratory pressure in combination with sound waves that vibrate at the same frequency as pulmonary secretions (sputum). The sound waves of the same frequency help to break sputum up and move it. The Lungflute IS licensed for use in the UK on the NHS, it’s included in the drug tariff list of permitted devices, but just doesn’t seem to ever be used or prescribed; I only came across it by chance in an online physio resource I was reading a couple of years ago. It’s also licensed in the US and has been for about 12 years. I believe several other countries including Japan and Canada use it diagnostically, and the studies overall do support it being effective in conditions where sputum is a factor. The closest equivalents here would be the other pep based devices like the acapella and flutter, but I don’t think there’s anything directly comparable because of the flute’s unique use of sound wave resonance.

I would very strongly recommend that you speak to a medical professional before introducing any airway clearance device into your regime, as not all devices are suitable for everyone, and there can be individual health factors that influence which one is most appropriate. Very occasionally, other health conditions can mean that PEP devices are not safe for someone to use. That aside, it doesn’t currently seem to be possible to buy a lungflute in the UK, so if you wanted to go down that route, you would need to ask a respiratory physio to prescribe one, or purchase privately from another country where they are available and do it that way. It’s also worth bearing in mind before purchasing any of them privately that physio devices need to be replaced regularly due to bacterial contamination issues, particularly when being used by those where infections and environmental bacteria are an issue. How frequently depends on the device in question, but quite a few are at least yearly.

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Briezz in reply to Charlie_G

Thank you for your detailed and really informative response. I guess I really liked the idea of something that is so simple and uses sound waves. I instinctively feel that there could be something in this. But I will also speak to my GP/consultant about it.Thank you again for such a considered reponse. Best

Hi Briezz, A dear friend on this site, who does’t post very much these days, sent me one whilst ordering her own and her dear late husband Very kindly made me a gadget so I could clean it, as the only problem I found was the flute gets very wet from the reeds. I think it came from Germany? I hope she sees your post as she gets on very well with her flute. I will try and contact her. Cx

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Briezz in reply to cofdrop-UK

Thank you so much for that further information, thats really interesting! And many thanks for any futher efforts! Best Briezz

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zube-UK in reply to cofdrop-UK

Thanks for mentioning me cof, I’m always grateful to you for telling us it was being used in US a long time ago, as you know I am still using the pesky device which I find very effective and I will try and explain about it to Briezz.

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cofdrop-UK in reply to zube-UK


I bought one a number of years ago, not cheap, didn't have enough puff to vibrate the reeds, and if I remember the reeds had to be replaced periodically? Another one for the bin.

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Briezz in reply to Sundance115

Thats a pity! But I guess we all keep trying to find ways of dealing with that thief of our breath! Keep hope! Best Briezz

Hi, I've got one. Got it from America some years ago. I haven't used it for a very long time but to be honest I think it's very much like any other type of lung exerciser where you almost have to huff (a bit like a spirometry blow) into it to try to get the long strip to flap. I, like you, have severe emphysema and could hardly get it to quiver. Can't remember how much it was but the postage from USA was a lot.I think you will find something that does similar here that will serve the same purpose. Good luck


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Briezz in reply to Maggity

Thank you Maggity! it's good to get this info, especially if you have emphysema like me. BestBriezz

Hi Briezz, great name and agree about the breath thief. The lung flute works well for me but you do need to use a PEP (positive expiratory pressure) mask to strengthen your breath first, PEP mask is available from NHS, flute may be too but you have to ask for them.

I use my lung flute every day, very effective for dislodging mucus stuck low in the lung. It does not have expiratory pressure, works by a silent sound frequency which breaks up secretions very effectively. I have ‘wet Bronchiectasis’, I understand the flute will not be much use for some types of dry Bronchiectasis ie Lady Windermere type.

I also have an RC Cornet used by CF patients, NHS again. It is a short bent tube with a removable reed, very noisy and exhausting to use I find, does help to loosen mucus though.

Both the Flute and Cornet need to be taken apart and dried with a cloth frequently while using them, breath makes them wet so the reed sticks to the side and they won’t work. A stick with a hanky will do the trick. Not sure what else to add but happy to answer any questions I can. 🌬

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Briezz in reply to zube-UK

Thank you so much for all that Zube and it is very clear and helpful. I'm thinking I need to investigate with my doctor on what is available on the nhs. Glad you get and like my name! 😄

Hi Briezz I just typed lung flute into google and it came up half way down the page, lot information which I admit I didn't read but it sounds the same good luck Mags

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Briezz in reply to 1947Mags

Thank you Mags, I will ckeck it out again. Best

If you cant find this Briezz then ask your doctor/nurse for an acapella, this works well for me and I am sure has the same effect in your lungs x

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Izb1 in reply to Izb1

Spent a bit of time searching for this and was unable to find anywhere that supplies them and after reading up on them realised that my comment above stating they have the same effect on the lungs was wrong. Please let us know if you find anywhere to buy them from as they sound really good x

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Briezz in reply to Izb1

Thank you Izb1, yes, I have heard of the acapella and will check it out! Best

Hi, I was given a Flutter by my doctors which I got on ok with but the bronciactsis physio gave me an AerobiKA and showed me how to use it, I find it even better. Take 2 puffs of ventolin before you start to lose the muck then I don't sit up with it to do the exercises, I lie on the bed first to the left breathing in through my nose and out through the AerobiKA about 5/8 times then the other side and in the middle. Muck don't not always come up straight away but comes through the day. Good luck.

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Briezz in reply to Egpa

Thank you Egpa, I appreciate the detail. I have seen the aerobika online and it definitely looks interesting. Best Briezz

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Egpa in reply to Briezz

See if you can get one on prescription or at the hospital first as they are not cheap. Good luck.

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Egpa in reply to Briezz

Just remembered hospital gave me a nebuliser as well and change it every 3 years for free. Might be worth asking. I think this company may sell the lung flute now, mine cost about £48 but that was several years ago, don’t forget they may be available on NHS, ask your physio to look, they may not be familiar with lung flutes.

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