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Supplementary Oxygen

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I have severe COPD, also a leaking heart valve. My Dr now thinks I would benefit from supplementary Oxygen. I am so breathless & can do so little, also would like to be able to drive my car which I have been unable to do since last September because of being too breathless to leave the house. Has anyone felt a lot better since being given supplementary Oxygen. Would mean so much if I could lead a more normal life.

5 Replies
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I’ve been on oxygen 24/7 since August last year. I feel better but am still breathless and can’t walk more than about 20 metres and am far from leading a normal life. I hope supplementary oxygen helps you. I know how upsetting it is not being able to drive. I can’t believe how small my life has become. Good luck.

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Hi You will find that with the oxygen you will be able to drive again and lead a much better life. I have oxygen 24/7 and without it would have to just sit and do nothing so yes go for it and get back to being able to do things again. I wish you all the best

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I have ambulatory oxygen and it has enabled me to go out and about with more confidence. The machine goes over my shoulder and tho heavyish is manageable.. I have to say it doesn't stop my breathless but protects my organs from damage thru lack of oxygen

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I have had oxygen 24/7 for 10 months now after a hospital stay. Like many others I find that I still get breathless and my O2 levels drop when I take it off or do more activity. I was told it was to protect the heart rather than treat the COPD and I wouldn't like to have to try and manage without it. When I was first diagnosed over 20 years ago my first thought was that I would dread having to carry a tank but now I don't care at all. Good luck.

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Hi. I have been on ambulatory Oxygen for two years now and it has been a lifeline for me. I am very limited as to how far I can walk but I can make it outside to my car and once in, I am absolutely fine to drive. It gave me a little bit more independence. It also enables me to be able to have a bath each morning. It takes a couple of hours but again, I retain my independence. Good luck to you. John

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