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Age.... what’s age?

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I decided a long time ago that age was only a number. I used to purposely leave it off my CV if I was job hunting. This wasn’t because I was precious about it but because I knew whatever age I was I could do the job, probably just as well if not better than the younger ones. People often said to me “I’ve sent out x amount of cvs and had no response”. My reply to that was, put key words in your personal summary so they are intrigued, that was you will get the interview at least. In my personal summary I put things like “can work alone or as part of a team” but must warn you I have a wicked sense of humour and it’s lonely trying to make myself laugh so a team it is then.

When I turned 60 a few years ago people think you lose your sense of humour along with a few marbles - absolutely not true! I can pull a few jokes and be stupidly childish any day of the week. If anyone asked my age I’d say I was 50 and 120 months, by the time they’d worked it out I was marvelling at their naive lack of maths.

But, to be honest after Christmas when they discharged me from hospital with what looks like R2D2 sat in the corner of my lounge pumping oxygen into me 15/24 my spirits hit rock bottom. Not only had I completely missed Christmas with my boys and their children, I felt like a freak walking round with all these wires, it was like an assault course.

After a week of ‘my safety net’ (husband) went back to work and I was scared to death of being alone, starting feeling sorry for myself and was very weepy. That soon changed, I gave myself a bit of a pep talk and reminded myself that a few years ago in my late 30s I had a mastectomy (grade 3 malignant tumour) and I am still here having watched my boys grow into men and my grandchildren thriving so if I have got through all that I can trip the light fantastic with my new Star Wars themed lounge.

Happy to say I am really getting used to it in the house but still a bit nervous when out and about but slowly getting there.

So the moral of my tale is age, gender, colour doesn’t matter one iota, keep your faith, remain positive and laugh like you’ve never laughed before. It helped me come to terms with this (which was a shock) and stands me in good shoes for the remainder of tests that are imminent. Who said you can’t be a raving lunatic in your 60’s?

OMG I’ve done some crazy things in my time, might start a crazy blog at least it might cheer a few people up xx

8 Replies
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Good post Julier and very true. Onwards and upwards. Xxxx

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WONDERFUL post, Julier. I just love your attitude. That should get you round a few corners!

Yes, you’re so lucky to have come right through the breast cancer. My sister had a mastectomy in her early thirties, but only made it to 48. Her daughter was three when she had the op, but 17 when she lost her Mum, so she did better than she dreaded nonetheless.

So sorry you were stuck in hospital over Christmas, missing the fun. Makes me feel guilty for moaning about dreadful tiredness after all our family stuff. I think my age is around your number!

You sound as though you’re settling to the new oxygen equipment- my little grandson absolutely loves Star Wars....he’d be impressed!

Good luck 🍀 xx

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Julier1955 in reply to Yatzy

Hiya 😁

Thanks for your comments, always a lift up when people are nice.. I’m sorry about your sister, I think I know how she felt, she wouldn’t have cared less about herself over her daughter. I had three sons at 9,11,20 at the time and all I wanted was to see them grown up. I hope your niece is getting on ok without her mum now, but it sounds like she has a really lovely auntie in you.

Stuck in the hospital wasn’t pleasant but only because I wanted to be in my own home. The whole staff were brilliant and the food was good (obviously not as good as my own ) 🤣 even so, nipping to docs on Christmas Eve with a sore throat didn’t expect to be hospitalised for 4 days!! Nothing to do with sore throat he just noticed I was breathless, did a few tests, made a few calls, bobs your uncle, I’m on my way to A&E, could have strangled him.

I guess we are similar ages and I have a gorgeous grandson who is 5 and a new granddaughter who is 6 weeks so my next aim is to see them grown up. My grandson thinks it’s amazing he was like nana would you mind explaining what that is in the corner so I told him it was R2D2 and he was looking after me until I got better. He took that, for now anyway, but I expect it won’t be long before he argues the toss with me on it 😃

Keep in touch, lovely to have new friends. 💕

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Sorry to hear of your recent experience Julier1955 but I love how you pulled yourself out of the dip! I blog (not about my illness) and highly recommend writing. Why not start your own (or write an article for the BLF site?) as your positive attitude would be so inspiring to other sufferers!

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Julier1955 in reply to UHelga

Thank you UHelga that’s kind of you. You know what, I might just do that, I have some seriously funny stuff/tales to tell especially how I dealt with my BC and lots of other stuff. Hmm you have given me something to think about, thanks again 💕

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UHelga in reply to Julier1955

That’s great. Good luck with that and keep us posted:) xx

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Great post. Do please start a “ silly blog” and I will certainly support it as will many other of us NOJOs.



Keep that fighting spirit going. It will stand you in good stead as it has already.

Keep laughing.

Good wishes.

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My sentiments exactly Julier1955. Life isn't a rehearsal, so we have to enjoy what we can, when we can? We could sit around and mope - just waiting for the inevitable to happen - or we can act our shoe size, and enjoy what we have? Keep laughing my friend. x

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