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Autism and psychosis?


I've been struggling with psychosis for about a year and last year I was diagnosed with autism. Personally I would say the two are very different problems and should be treated as such but a lot of people I have spoken to have told me it could or is caused by autism which they also say for my depression. So I feel as if my problems have not been taken seriously. Have any of you know if autism could cause psychosis and could give me any advice?

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Hello. I have Aspergers Syndrome and as far as I know it has nothing to do with Psychosis. Autisim is not a mental illness but how we view the world. I have already noticed that the general public don't know anything about Autism with their none helpful comments. Even my brother said before I was diagnosed that I didn't have Aspergers as you love animals. Depresasion and anxiety often accompany Autism, properly becuaswwe off the stress off trying to get along in the world.

I hope someone who knows a lot more can help you. I hope you can get a doctor to take you seriously, and get the help you need for the Psychosis.

My son has autism and aspengers so? I have seen what I think maybe psychosis when he's mad and thinking about the situation. But as a general rule, I'd say it doesn't cause it. I'd certainly look into it with your gp if it really concerns you. Good luck.