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Biopsies results waiting

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Whats the longest anyone has waited for biopsy results that have been bad news?.I'm waiting for uterine biopsy results and every day I don't hear im hoping its good news going out of my mind

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I personally waited 4 weeks for endometrial/uterine biopsy results. It really depends on the lab processing time & whether it was done for suspected cancer or not.

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Blueangel66 in reply to Zel64

Yes I've been red flagged for cancer.was your results non cancer ? Thank you for replying

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Zel64 in reply to Blueangel66

My initial biopsies were done as part of a fertility work up but did show that I have early stage endometrial cancer which is highly unusual for someone my age (I’m 36). With them red flagging yours for attention hopefully you won’t have to wait too long for an answer.

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Blueangel66 in reply to Zel64

How long did you have yo wait for results?

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Zel64 in reply to Blueangel66

It was 4 weeks from having my biopsies done to having my appointment about the results. It might be quicker getting the result for anyone who is red flagged at the start though.

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Blueangel66 in reply to Zel64

Where are you now with your treatment? I've heard it's very treatable if caught early x

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Zel64 in reply to Blueangel66

My treatment is a little unusual as they are trying to preserve my fertility so that I can ‘hopefully’ proceed to IVF before I have my total hysterectomy. I’ve had the Mirena coil in as hormone treatment for 3 months & have just had my first set of repeat biopsies to see how things are doing.

It is very treatable if caught early x

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Blueangel66 in reply to Zel64

Wish you well and keep me posted x

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Zel64 in reply to Blueangel66

Hope you have answers soon! Waiting for results is always nerve racking x

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Blueangel66 in reply to Zel64

Tell me about it I've only been waiting one week

I waited 3 weeks for a biopsy of a fibroid so thought no news is good news only then got a call to come for an appointment with the consultant in 2 days time then was told that I have endometrial cancer. I think I was in denial as I normally chase up for results, should not have left it so long.

I'm sorry to hear this whats the next step for you

Thank you 😊 I've had the MRI result last Wednesday show it's been caught early but still waiting for the CT scan result to see if there's cancer anywhere else in my body, hopefully will get confirmation this Wednesday. I find all the waiting is the worst part, my consultant hope to operate (full hysterectomy) in the second week of September. I don't know what the success rate is and if what treatment usually follow the operation. Where are you on your cancer journey if you don't mind me asking, only if you want to share, no pressure. I'm new, just joined the group so not sure of protocols.

My friend had same as you and had a hysterectomy no need for chemo or radiation that was 7 years ago she's fineI had a postmenopausal bleed. Had transvaginal scan and told thickened uterus lining of 9mm.had hysterectomy not awaiting results but the consultant could hardly get into my uterus .said it may be scar tissue from 2 c sections

Can I ask what symptoms you had ?

I've had fibroids for 14+years without too many issues, the odd heavy bleeds here and there when I have my period, not cancerous so did not warrant a major operation but was offered it but I was refused as I'm a chicken 🤣 I noticed in the last year the fibroids have grown, probably doubled in size so I look like I'm 3-4 months pregnant and in the last 6 months every month the period consists of very heavy bleeds plus bleeding in between periods, now urine leakage, not pleasant and drastically reduced the quality of life, thank goodness that since lockdown I've been working from home so no embarrassing moments in the office/meetings. I held off contacting my GP until we've had both Covid19 vacination and when I rang the GP, she referred me to specialist and so hospital appointments came thick and fast via the 2 week wait route. Very lucky I was diagnosed within 3 weeks after day surgery when the result of the biopsy was available.

3 weeks seems along time for the friend had hers within 4 days and hysterectomy 3 weeks later x

Wow, that's amazing. It was the longest wait. What stage was her cancer? She is very lucky, maybe depending on where she lives and there's less backlog for operations. I would like to get the operation done ASAP as the wait is excruciating.

She was stage 1 I think it was stage 1b ? She was on the south coast

They've told me I should get mine back within 2 weeks.

Have you had any bloating and feel tired at all ?

Wow, the health care in her area is great. The queue in London is about 4-6weeks wait for operation.

Do ring up and check if you don't hear back, don't leave it like I did. Yes, I was really bloated & very tired from the heavy bleeds, I'm always having to take strong iron tablets as I am anaemic.

Bless you I'm in Wiltshire .I went doctors 2 weeks ago on the Monday.about my post menopause bleed. Scan next day.picked up thick uterus lining.hysteroscopy the following Friday 30th July.i will leave it 2 weeks then chase it up xx

Hopefully they'll contact you within 2 weeks 🤞x

Thank you its 2 weeks this Friday so hopefully I will hear soon

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Hi there,

Thank you for your message.

So it can take a number of weeks for results to come through.

The thing to do is call the department where you had your biopsy done and ask how and when you will receive your results, it’s useful if you give them your date of birth and hospital number if you know it.

We completely understand how distressing this waiting period can be - please do get in touch with us on if you have any other questions.

Best Wishes,

The Ask Eve Team

I will do that thank you

Hi,Have you had your results back yet? I had my hysteroscopy under GA 11 days ago and a colposcopy 7 days ago. Now waiting for results from both x

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Blueangel66 in reply to Liddo

Hi yes I phoned the hospital to chase my results on the third results were back but my consultant was away I explained I was very anxious about the results they said they couldn't tell me as they wasn't medically trained & will get back to me.they phoned back about an hour later saying they got a doctor to look over the results & he said its not cancer its endometrial hyperplasia. I then waited for my gp to ring to explain everything properly and they're putting me on provera/ mexaprogesterone 15mg per day & repeat hysteroscopy in 6 months time which I'm already not looking forward to I hope you get good results keep me posted.

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