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Smear Test - HPV Positive & High Grade (Severe) Dyskaryosis


I’m hoping somebody can speak to me about their experience or put my mind at rest just a touch

I have had one smear test in the past, I can’t remember how old I was - I’m pretty sure I was under 25. But I missed my next one after that. I’ve just recently had my second at 32 & it has come back as HPV Positive & High Grade (Severe) Dyskaryosis. I’m absolutely sick to my stomach with worry. I have a Colposcopy appointment on 2nd February & my smear test was done on 8th december with results arriving on 21st January

I have had people try to reassure me that the nurse at the smear test would have put notes on the system or said something at the smear if my cervix looked abnormal to the naked eye. However I’m just finding that hard to believe

I’m also starting to worry about symptoms (that I never thought anything of before). Pain during & after sex, bleeding after sex. The occasional stomach pains, occasional lower back pain

I’ve resorted to examining my own cervix to see if it feels normal & now there is brown blood coming from there too (not my period as I have the implant and its stopped my periods)

I am riddled with anxiety, i have barely slept, I’ve not eaten a morsel as I feel so nauseated. I feel so ill with worry

I know I’m probably over thinking it but I’ve read some horror stories on the internet where even just High Grade (Severe) Dyskaryosis has been cancer. And because I’ve missed my Smear test in the past I cant help but think it has had time to develop

Has anybody else had these results after missing a smear test? I’m worried sick

Thank you

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Hi I hadn't had a smear test for 12 years when I was diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer in 2017 following symptoms: persistent, yellow watery discharge and fairly heavy bleeding. I had very obvious and visible (to the naked eye) cervical abnormalities which the doc informed me of there and then.

You will see lots of horror stories on the internet because people are much more likely to post bad experiences than good experiences. No promises but to put things in perspective: every year, tens of thousands of women in the UK get the sort of results you have, have some relatively straightforward treatment and just get on with the rest of their lives. Only slightly more than 3000 women pa, in the UK, get invasive cervical cancer which requires a lot of treatment.

I can totally empathise with how you might be feeling right now. Easy to say but try and take things a step at a time, and also try and limit the googling- it's worse than useless in situations like this. If you feel it would help to talk to someone The Eve Appeal and Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust both have great helplines.

Hope all goes well for you.

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