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Bleeding 3.5 years after treatment it locally advanced cervical cancer


Hope everyone is well?!

Anyone on here experience bleeding and acute pelvic and back pain years after treatment for locally advanced cervical cancer(chemo, radiation, brachytherapy) and it not be a recurrence? Currently waiting for an urgent mri 😟

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I'm also about 3.5 years post cervical cancer treatment which included a radical hysterectomy + Chemo-radio + brachy. I've had bleeding from my rectum, vagina and urethra - trust me to score a hat trick 😬. I have ongoing occasional rectal bleeding which has been diagnosed as anal fissures - had these prior to my cancer diagnosis but they are much more prone to bleeding since my cancer treatment. A year or 2 ago I had a one off incident of vaginal bleeding which I was informed was due to neo blood vessels (a by product of radiotherapy it seems) which are fragile and prone to bleeding - I was advised to use a vaginal moisturiser regularly which seems to help. I recently had a urethral bleed exacerbated by insertion of a catheter tube (long story) and was diagnosed with atrophic vulvovaginitis - which means that area is thin and fragile and prone to bleeding - prescribed with a topical oestrogen cream to thicken the skin. I had a CT scan a couple of months back and there was no evidence of disease cancer-wise. It's very scary to get bleeding in circumstances such as ours; I do hope all goes well for you.

Thank you for your reply snd for sharing your experiences. Definitely scary. Waiting for an mri, had 6 period type bleeds in last 10 days but but had one for 4 days now so hoping it was just one of those things due to radiation damage 🤞