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Hello, could really do with some advice and reassurance. Had a hysterectomy 8 weeks ago and just been told I have a prolapse. Does the discomfort ever ease? Or am I to feel like this for evermore? Thank you for any replies!

2 Replies

Hi there,

Thank you for your message.

We imagine that your doctors have told you that you have a prolapse describing your bladder or your bowel pushing into your vaginal wall ? This is not uncommon as women mature , and not caused by hysterectomy. We would need more clinical information to help answer your questions , you can speak in confidence to our nurse specialist via

Best Wishes,

The Ask Eve Team


Hi Music19. You might find that there are more responsive groups on Facebook that can help with advice. Hysterectomy UK and several others cover such issues, and they are private groups too, so you can ask in reasonable confidence. I personally haven't had a prolapse, but I know that others have on those groups, and have had a lot of support.

There are means of fixing the problem. Small prolapses might be supported with a sort of pessary frame that can push them back in line while you get strength back in your pelvic floor. Larger ones might require some surgery to put everything back where it belongs, to reduce discomfort.

I'd ask the GP for a referral to a women's health team to see whether they can get you the physio support or other advice you might need to access further solutions.

Best wishes


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