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Endometrial cancer 2017


Just found Eve, I’m not sure what to write but I know I am feeling quite emotional again. It goes out of my head as though I have made all this up but then it comes and gives me a right wake up call.

Endometrial cancer diagnosed Oct 2017 had full hysterectomy Nov 2017 went back to work feb 2018 I’d never even heard of it!

Feeling low, ashamed (because they now say cancer is due to being over weight) and frightened. yes the womb has gone, the ovaries have gone, Fallopian tubes gone. Cancer gone with it but I’m still scared.

My head is full of so much emotion. Don’t talk to my family as they have enough on their own plates. Going it alone.

Tough call.

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Do you have Facebook as there a closed Wombcancer uk support group. Or Macmillan Community forum. Find others to talk to who in the same position.

Hope this helps


Hi SA2017,

Please don't feel ashamed. I'm severely overweight and at no point have I been told I got endometrial cancer just because I'm overweight. I've been advised it increased my risk but so has not having children, the fact that my mum had gynae problems which could have been undiagnosed earlier stages (she had a hysterectomy nearly 30yrs ago), other genetics etc. The fact is my consultant can't say what caused it has he has no way of knowing, you can have all the risk factors and not get it or none and still get it. There are groups out there MacMillan, The Eve Appeal as well as others.

You are not alone and are having normal reactions to a very stressful thing to go through.

Take care and find a group you feel comfortable sharing with.

Charlotte x


Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to us - it can take a lot of energy to ask questions online, or find forums, especially when you're feeling down. It's absolutely normal to have highs and lows after going through cancer. Please don't feel ashamed about being overweight - it does increase our risk of womb cancer, but it can't be said that you were diagnosed with womb cancer because you're overweight, so please don't feel guilty. There are many contributing factors to many cancers - everyone would feel guilty about something if we allowed ourselves.

Feeling scared that the cancer will come back, even if you have a great prognosis from your team, is something that can be difficult to shake off. The womb cancer forum is great for chatting to others, and if you would like to people in person, we suggest asking your CNS if there is a gynae cancer support group, either within the hospital, or that she/he knows of locally. If you feel like counselling, and speaking to someone professionally trained, you can make an appointment with your GP and ask to be referred to a cancer counselling specialist - it's quite normal to need some help in getting your thoughts together after what you've been through.

Best Wishes,

Ask Eve

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