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Possible uterine cancer. Waiting on biopsy results.

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Post menopausal. Spotting and 17.3mm endometrial lining. Had a biopsy 3 weeks ago. Rang hospital over a week ago as was told results would be in up to two weeks. Was told results weren't in and my consultant was off. She's back in as of last Monday. Still nothing from hospital. Am I right to assume that as no phone call it's not urgent.. what's taking so long? 😭😭😭

Thanks in advance

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Hi there Lenny,

Thank you for your post, and we're sorry to hear that you're in that frustrating 'waiting for results' period.

Often results from a biopsy are back within 2 weeks of the initial appointment, but it can take longer, e.g. around 4 weeks. We're coming into the summer, so often staff take annua leave and there can be a bit more of a delay in getting back to patients than at other times of the year.

You're quite within your right to chase for the results, or ask for an update so we'd suggest giving the department/consultant a call just to see what's going on and get an answer as soon as possible.

Wishing you all the best,

The Ask Eve Team

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Lenny247 in reply to AskEveTeam

Thank you for the reply. I have asked my doctors surgery to chase. I will chase them tomorrow to see what's happening.

Kind Regards,

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Lenny247 in reply to Lenny247

Great news.. benign complex hyperplasia. They think caused by hormones. Hoping that next scan shows it's normal.

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