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Ultrasound shows enlarged uterus and fibroid cysts but laserscopic procedure shows all is normal

Had three ultrasounds over last 3 months because of extreme bleeding for 3 days of my period! Ultrasounds showed my uterus with thick lining and enlarged as if I was 16 weeks pregnant and some good size fibroid cysts. Today the put a scope in my uterus found no cysts, no polyps, and no enlarged uterus. Said all looked normal. They did a dnc and said tissue samples be back in two weeks, I am 49 in July. How can ultrasounds show this, but once inside it's all normal?

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Thank you for getting in contact with Ask Eve, and we are really pleased to hear that your scope suggests all looks normal.

In your case, it may be that you have shed the thick lining shown on the scan (this will be the heavy bleeding you have been experiencing), so therefore, it might be worth asking your team if they saw fibroids - which are considered normal.

If you would like to talk to our specialist Nurse, Tracie, please email us on or phone 0808 802 0019.

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