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Bleeding after Menapause

Hiya, I'm 50 and post menapausal. Last February I had some prolonged bleeding , so I had an ultrasound and was given all clear. Early this year I started bleeding once again, this lasted several weeks also, si off I went to go again, where he gave me an examination, took a swab and sent me for un ultrasound once again. I called the go for results and was asked to make an appointment. When I went for the appointment the go whom I'd never seen before, just said " oh it's a fibroid, they are very common in women of your age! This is why your periods have been heavy"!... Well as you can imagine, I was concerned that the gp had not read any of my notes, so I explained I was post menapausal. He then panicked a little and said I will get you an urgent appointment for a biopsy. I have received the appointment and the department it came from was gynaecological oncology. This has scared me a bit, can any one tell me what the biopsy will entail. Thanks 🙂

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I am 64 and haven't had a period for over 17 years. Recently I had a bleed but it only lasted a week and not really heavy. Also had bad cramps. In fact was just like a typical period. Went to my GP the day after it started and she referred me to hospital to be checked. Got an appt within 2 weeks along with a leaflet telling me what to expect so I was prepared for a bit of discomfort. The consultant firstly did an ultra sound which just showed a slight thickening of the lining of my womb which he said was nothing to worry about. He then did a hysteroscopy which was very uncomfortable. Don't want to scare you but to prepare you as they go right inside of your womb to take the biopsy. If you have a low pain threshold then you can request they do it under anesthetic but will need to go into day surgery. I decided to just let him go ahead as didn't want to have to postpone it. He said he didn't even see anything from this to send to the lab so wouldn't bother. Told me to make an appointment for two months but if the bleeding came back within that time to phone his secretary and get an earlier appointment. He also said if no bleeding in the two months then I didn't need to come back but he would like to see me again so I will keep the appointment, just to put my mind at rest if nothing else. I hope this is helpful and that you get on ok. By the way, the clinic I was sent to was the anti natal clinic!!! So I wouldn't worry too much about that. Think it's just wherever you can get an early appointment. I had to travel for about 50 minutes to get to my clinic when I only live 5 mins from my local hospital. Good luck. X

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Thank you, that does help put my mind at res 😊

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Hi there,

We're sorry to hear you are having such a worrying time. Firstly the reason the appointment for your biopsy has come from gynae-oncology is not because you have a cancer, it is simply because this is the clinic where womb biopsies are taken. We understand that seeing gynae-oncology written down is really worrying, but this is part of the administration procedure, that is computer driven and unfortunately can't be changed.

Taking a biopsy from your womb lining (known as a pipelle sample) is very much like the procedure when you have a cervical smear. The doctor will begin by putting a plastic speculum in your vagina (like when you have your cervical smear). Next, he/she will put a thin straw-like instrument through the neck of the womb (the cervix) and this will take some sample tissue from the womb lining. This is very quick, takes only a few seconds and is likely to give you a period cramp-like feeling when it happens - it is a bit uncomfortable. Your doctor may want to do the sample twice, which is very common. Afterwards, you may have a bit of bleeding, so it's best to take a sanitary towel with you to the appointment. We advise taking pain relief about half an hour beforehand (paracetamol and an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen if you are able to take these) so that they are working by the time you leave the hospital. It can often take a few weeks to get the results. Do remember when and how you will receive the results at the biopsy appointment. If you would like to discuss this, (or your results when you have them) in more detail, please email us at or phone 0808 802 0019.

Wishing you well,

Team Eve

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