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Health screening following salpingo-oophorectomy

Hello everyone,

I am a BRACA gene carrier & double breast cancer survivor (aged 31 & 42). I had a salpingo- oophorectomy at 37, I am now 45. I have had no follow up health screening after my sudden, early menopause and I am concerned about the reports of detrimental health effects. I am looking for advice on what screening I should ask for (cardiovascular, bone, gynaecology) and how to access this. Grateful for your wise words & direction. Ally-Bee. X

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Hi Ally-Bee,

Thank you for getting in touch with Ask Eve.

First of all, we advise you to continue attending your cervical screening appointments, which hopefully you already do. Some clinicians recommend having your bone density measured (this doesn’t hurt, as it’s a scan) at the age when a woman would typically start going through menopause, (around 51) there are no extra tests to be done for your cardiovascular system , other than your blood pressure and taking your pulse, which happens on your well woman checks – we suggest you look at BRCA Umbrella website brcaumbrella.ning.com/ and The Daisy Network, daisynetwork.org.uk/ (which is for women who experience early menopause) for more in-depth advise.

Wishing you all the best,

Team Eve


Thank you so much. I was not aware of the other two sites you mentioned. I will share with my sisters, who unfortunately share the BRCA1 mutation. Warmest regards. ABx