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A relative of mine aged around 52 visited an orthopedic as he faced severe problem going upstairs and coming down. At times he felt severe pain while walking. He has no pain at rest save he stepped in a wrong way. He also feel extreme pain while using his right hand. Pain in wrists, low back, neck and toes was also prominent. Having examined him properly the doc assured him that he had no problem. All the pains were due to some deficiencies in the body. He prescribed a NSAID for 7 days, Gemcal and Wellman. Do deficiencies of calcium, vitamins and minerals cause numerous pains in various parts of the body?

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Yes it does. That is why referrals from medical professionals, such as naturopath doctors, physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and fitness trainers, athletes, bodybuilders and coaches are helping in promoting supplements that contain most of the concentrated minerals and nutritional substances that your body also produces and needs.


Yes of course...deficiencies of calcium and other cause joint pains..ask your relative to visit a good rheumatologist..for the joint pain.