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my child has arthritis

Good morning all. I have children and one of them has had unexplained things going on for a long time. We finally had a dr 6 months ago suggest he may have auto immune disease as i have 4. They ran tests and he tested positive with antibodies and well as had a positive ANA with a high titer come back. we started seeing a pediatric rheumatologist whom has been running tests and examining him. She had found lymph nodes in his armpits, then the most recent visit they found them there and also in the neck plus arthritis in the hips. He seen another specialist and has another appt tomorrow with another and then in sept he sees yet another specialist! My question to you all is do any of you have arthritis and suffer from auto immune conditions other than the arthritis???? I was told there are over 130 different forms of arthritis.

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It is perfectly possible to have more than one auto-immune disease at a time. These diseases are most likely all the result of a genetic response to inflammatory processes in the body which trigger any diseases for which you might carry the genes, and if you have genes for more than one chronic disease, each one could be triggered by the inflammation. You are quite right about there being a wide variety of auto-immune arthritis diseases - over 150! Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (more or less rheumatoid arthritis in kids) is not well known and often GPs can't diagnose it because they are not aware of it. Or at least that is what often happens here in South Africa where I live. If your son has a clear diagnosis of JIA, try to get him onto a biologic as soon as possible - this could prevent lifelong deformities developing. The best thing you can do for him is to treat him just the same as any other child so he can find a way to do things despite his illness, rather than to be left out, whether it be fun things or tasks around the house. Good luck!



Thank you. Yes I have multiple auto conditions myself. My son has asthma, some form of arthritis (do not know yet) & new specialist today we seen thinks he has a form of IBD as well that he is going for further testing on. Thanks for info.

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(Apologies for year-late reply. πŸ™ )

If you're still around, HASHISmom34, the experiences of these young autoimmuners may help your son: Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA): Jenn, Cole, & Joseph Share Hope & Practical Experience: healthunlocked.com/nras/pos...

Yes, agree with much of aletta's assessment about multi-autoimmune conditions developing (in clusters) due to inflammatory response. πŸ‘

Best wishes for both you & your son, HASHISmom34. πŸ™ πŸ€ 🌺 🌞


Kind regards, ☺️