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Spine and leg pain

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I have suffered with arthritis on and off for over 10 years now. I look after myself as best I can by exercise and movement where possible (I am disabled and unable to walk far so I exercise in water by swimming and Aqua Aerobics). My question is does Vit D have any effect on Arthritis pain. I find when I am on holiday in the sun and for 2 months or so afterwards I am much better and I wondered if Vit D shortage was the problem. I have felt very stiff for the past 2 weeks and now my spine pain has also joined in. I suffered from stiffness this time last year but after a holiday in the sun I had much more movement and no stiffness. I have had physiotherapy and acupuncture

which helped very much but the effects seem to have now worn off. Has anyone any ideas. Bye for now Maximonkey

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Vit D3 is seriously lacking in almost all of us today. Most of us don't spend time in the sun, and if we do, we smother ourselves in sunblock. Dairy products have Vit.D3 in them, but for many, the only way of absorbing enough Vit D3 naturally is to spend at least 30 minutes a day in the sun, with as much skin exposed as possible. As your problems diminish when getting sunshine, you are right to suspect a lack of this vitamin in your daily life is affecting your bone health. If you are unable to spend regular sunshine time, supplementation is your only recourse. A lack of this vitamin affects the body in many ways, including bone health. The childhood bone disease rickets is a direct result of poor Vit D3 nutrition and lack of sunshine. A lack of the vitamin is also involved in brain function, depression, low back pain, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. So do get a good quality, high quantity (about double the current standard for daily consumption) Vit D3 supplement. And feel the difference!


Hi, thanks for the info I am seeing the doctor tomorrow so sd know if vit d is the problem. Take care Maximonkey


Hi Maximonkey :)

love the nickname! :)

Arthritis is a results of build up toxicity in the body, resulting in calcification, which is result of toxicity accumulating in the joints giving the feeling of sand in the joints..painful indeed.

Eating healthy will definitely help with your health in general, I firmly believe that this is where the solution is. and sometimes we are so used to follow everybody that is in the same situation as we are..that we forget to focus on a solution..everyone is in fact taking different medications for the same problem..yet all continue still in pain..

2 years ago I was where you are now..I suffered for years..with ibs, fybro, alergies, liver and kidney stones...arthritis (knees and neck), depression, the list goes on and on..

I cant explain how, but one day in front of laptop watching youtube...a video on the side caught my attention....changed my whole life..and my family's too.

Modified what I was eating.

Never looked back..followed the right mentors, learned from them and now I'm the healthiest person my friends and family know.. :)

I started following people that have already achieved what I want..simple! not the ones that are in the same boat as they cannot help us too..right?

I feel blessed, as I was taking all possible you guys...sad..not having hope is really the saddest thing we can receive as answer from a doctor, friends, family...

Seems that nobody can help us when we are lost in pain...

I am living a free life, together with my healthy family.

There is hope people! Believe! It might just change your entire life!

Love to all of you.


Hi healyourself, you are so right.. I saw my doc after my last blog and was put on vit D, she also mentioned my posture was incorrect and I was told to try walking upright. At first it was more painful but after a week or so I began to feel more like myself, walking tall helped me to feel and look better. After 4 weeks the pains began to recede, I began to try walking down stairs and i beganto eat more protein to help muscle strength. After 2 months I began to walk 2 steps up the stairs and 2 steps down, it was very difficult as my right leg had lost all muscle strength, but I continued and found my leg grew stronger. I still cannot walk veryfar but i am not in as much pain. I also look better. I hope this helps others to try and take control of their own well-being. Bye all. Maximonkey.