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Hi has anyone had any treatment for shoulder arthritis. The pain is getting really unbearable. Brushing hair, can't stretch across to other shoulder, can't put arm behind back. It continually catches. I have to be really careful how I move and use my arm. I have permanent pain and pins and needles. It feels as if I need to keep my arm beside the body all the time. My arm is very weak.

Any advice appreciated

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Are you seeing a rheumatologist? If not, I highly recommend seeing one. My late wife had the same problem and had a very successful shoulder joint replacement which enabled her to live life to the full once again.


Hi, thanks for replying. No I have been diagnosed with arthritis in various places. But I have been putting off going to the hospital because I have always heard that I should not rush in to getting any surgery etc. Sorry to hear about your wife but her experience has made me feel a little easier about maybe getting treatment.


You do need to see a health professional for health matters.

That said, controlling (not eliminating) your carbohydrate intake will help reduce inflammation. When acute pain has subsided, resistance exercise may be employed to build muscle that improves joint stability, and feels like cushioning.


Hi Bobbies, i found that my shoulders started playing up like yours, and i went to see my gp and he did tests in surgery, then i went for xrays at hospital, of which they said it was osteoarthritis, and now 10 days ago i fell in my local town centre and i have fractured the top of my left arm, jarred the muscle in my upper right arm, and jarred the ribcage on my front left side, so am in a lot of pain all over now, so am now having to go check for weakening bones, if so i may have to have treatment for that as well, but at the minute, whatever painkillers i take its not taking it away, so i sympathise with your shoulder, and i hope you can get the right treatment for it


Hi I have been livening with arthritis for 26 years now .I had same as you thinking it's just my arthritis .then I went to have MRI scan neck .

Last week went to see surgeon .they found there was problems in my neck top. My spine.

Got go back talk to the doc to see if it will be risky .to operate on.see if you can get scan done .at least you will know what problem is.hope this helps. Mina deakin


Hi I have had pain in my shoulder to I take tramadoll for my back pain but I use arnica gel for my shoulder and it helped it because if I stopped using it it was worse its worth a try you can use it for all different pain hope it helps you Darcy 47


hello, i have only been identified as having roumatoid athritis it started in my hands and feet now affecting my shoulder so i understand the missery and pain your going through...i find a wheat bag at night helps a little ive tried excersisng but just gets worse im due to see a RA specialist soon and once they or if they come up with some answers ill let you no, take care for now...


just take borax and magnesium this will cure arthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis

make sure there is no scent added to the borax and there are no addditives or anticaking agents in he magnesium



Hi Oculto,

all we hear nowadays is operate operate operate...sad because we dont even try to heal ourselves...straight to operation.

The body is not fix one end and it will generate something else somewhere else later...until people get the message and start changing their diet.

So, with that takin of my chest :)

I recommend that you immediately change your diet...drink more water up to 3 litres a day. eat more fruit and vegetables. stop dairy products and bread.

your are suffering from something called calcification. your blood is toxic. and it all mostly accumulates in the joints..remove toxicity from your blood and let your lymphatic system clean everything giving peace to your digestion.

hope you get well soon.