Does glucosamine supplements work?

Hi I'm new to this site and was wondering if anyone has first hand experience of glucosamine? I've recently be diagnosed with mild osteoarthritis and I'm considering taking supplements to help prevent further damage. If this is possible!

My GP has suggested glucosamine as it is a natural/herbal remedy with no side effects unlike painkillers and other drugs. Research suggests that 50% of people in a trial feel benefits from taking it.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also any brand names/products. I've been looking on the net and flexacil ultra keeps popping up as the best!! Has anyone tried this?

Thank you in advance


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  • Hi Wendy

    Glucosamine has been shown to work on Osteoarthritis. It is not, however, a miracle cure that is going to reverse any damage that has been done thus far. The most that it will do is retard the progress of any further joint deterioration. And even then, the supplement, to be effective has to be introduced fairly early. That is, early diagnosis/early onset. Also, one will generally only feel the benefits after a period of time; not straight away.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards


  • Thank you replying mike.

    This is pretty much what I have also read.

    Have you heard of 'Flexacil'? I'm thinking of trying it. I take a few other supplements that are supposed to be beneficial for joint pain (magnesium 200mg and VitaminD3 5000iu and omega3 super strength).

    Thanks for your help



  • Insulin promotes inflammation, leading to chronic diseases such as arthritis. Control your intake of foods that cause large releases of insulin and you reduce the risk of chronic deterioration.

    Fructose is detrimental to insulin receptors, the resulting fatty deposits contribute to insulin resistance.

    High-glycaemic foods plus insulin-resistance cause excess insulin release. Insulin promotes fat storage by stimulating lipoprotein lipase for instance, and causes growth of endothelial tissues for example.

  • Thanks concerned. I have hashimoto's (autoimmune thyroid disease) so I have been gluten free for about a year now which I know helps with stomach problems. Gluten is supposed to cause inflammation so I guess it is beneficial for my joints too.



  • Be careful if you eat 'gluten-free' substitute foods; they are high-glycaemic foods

  • Thank you. I never buy gluten free products. I cook everything from scratch. I don't eat bread, cakes, biscuits often as I need to watch my weight but if I do it is homemade. I don't buy pre-made GF foods or sauces either. :-)

    Eating gluten free is not as expensive as people think if you cook everything from scratch. It tastes so much better too. Pre-made gluten free food is full of sugars or fats to try to hide its horrible taste!

  • Coffee can cause a cross reaction tricking your immune system into attacking thi sonly happens with commercial jarred coffee not organic ground coffe

  • Just take Borax and Magnesium both are completely safe and non toxic although the pharmaceutical industry is in full swing in trying to discredit this cure for all types of arthritises. have a bath with 2 cups of Epsom salts and one cup of Borax.

    Organic Sulphur (no additives or anticaking agents in it) is also an amazing help not only for your bones but hundreds of other processes in your body and a couple of others that the majority of us are all deficient in is Iodine and Potassium (apple cider vinegar).