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Richard 64

Was meaning to ask u this earlier as i cant get on the liver community they say its not the right place for me ha. Well if u see this anyway heres my reply frm ur last msg...

Hi richard. I cant seem to find u or message u. Maybe its because of my language😯which i apologise for.. i clicked on the link u sent me in the last msg u sent (thanks) and its similar to what i read on the "nhs site" in the section of fatty liver it also states if you stop drinkin alcohol for 2 weeks ur liver should return to normal.. this is exactly why i am baffled with it all....yes there is a lot more going on with me than meets the eye i am depressed...but i honestly dont use alcohol as my own anti depressant. I only drank the other day as it was my dads anniversary and i was so depressed that o felt i needed it.. i dont drink all the time so i know im not dependant on it...i have drank a little since the diagnosis but tried to really limit what i drink and iv followed the nhs advice (not drank at all for wk) so i "assumed" maybe the fat could have gone and my liver return to normal as it also states that in the link u sent me? But i myself think 2wk is pretty quick? But they did say diffuse "mild" fatty infiltration so am guessing it isnt that bad? I feel really tired tho now and weak but i am a full time mother very stressed always on my feet bed late wake up early run round all day after my children cook clean etc etc just the average routine for a parent but i dont stop some sit down have a coffee i dnt stop im constantly on my feet so maybe this is why am always tired? But the tiredness doesnt stop me from doing my usual routine....plz reply when u can and thanks again u seem like a very intelligant man😊..also i am in the uk actually from leeds lol which was once stated as the worst place for alcoholism and drinkin etc on a night out( i dnt go out)