Hip operation

I had my left hip totally replaced last May. As I have COPD I could not have the full anesthetic so I was given an injection in my spine. I was awake for the whole operation but drowsy. The operating team were lovely, so happy and kind, they explained what was happening and kept checking I was OK. I was given a head set and some easy listening music to hear whilst the operation took place.

I was 80 years old when I had the operation. The pain before the op was very bad, and although I was sore from the op, that awful arthritis pain stopped right away, that was so wonderful!

Do not be afraid of the operation it is very well worth having. Life has been so much better since I had

the op. Best wishes for your op!

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  • That's a very upbeat post Jill, very well done. xxx

  • Hi Jill, I too had the op with the spinal injection, although I'm not as old as you, 71 when I had the op in January this year, it's wonderful not to have that pain ! Also, I believe not having anaesthetic I felt better and my recovery was quicker ! Best wishes to you for the future.

  • That was very encouraging to read - thank you for posting it!

  • I was wondering if you'd seen this post, olly17man as it involves an epidural for hip surgery.

  • You are fantastic wonderful writing . I had THR im 53yrsold and yes after no pain killers nothing as of me liver yr +half bed bound I was in sufferable pain beyond pain I had waited so long as I had no life only pain and I have Adult ADHD but it's not as bad I was terrified but it's well worth and everyone don't worry .

  • Sorry I had mine done asleep it's me ADHD I read things wrong .

  • So glad all went well for you I had my hip replacement in March and it is fantastic to be free of the terrible pain I was suffering

    It's a new lease of life

    It's lovely to read a post like yours and totally agree it's so worth having

    All the very best xx

  • Thanks for all the pisitive replies to my post about my hip replacement operation, ad I said earlier, it was so very well worth while, all the arthritis pain has gone. Life is so much better!

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