That's strange

That's strange

I'm quite puzzled at the moment because after I was on the local radio four weeks ago talking about how I was offering free therapy sessions for a trial period and that after one month if there was no improvement; that would be the end of it but if my clients felt it had helped, then they could continue and pay what they could afford.

Guess how many people took me up on the offer ? Absolutely none !

Wonder if it would make any difference if next time I say I charge exhorbitant fees ? On the other hand maybe nobody in Redcar has a problem with arthritis? Any thoughts on the matter ?

Be safe Everyone .

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  • Hi, what a kind offer and I am shocked no one took you up on this! Shame you are not in York......I'd be first in the queue. Don't let this deter you from making kind gestures in future, Lesley

  • Hmmm. We'll see :-)

  • Perhaps you need to offer your lovely free trial on a different medium. Why not ask if you can put up a poster in your local gps waiting room and see if you get a better than none response.

  • Good idea. May try that ;-)

  • I wish you were somewhere near Halifax. I could do with some free therapy. I.'m in constant pain from RA in one spot or another.

    Hope you get some clients soon.

  • Thank you :-)

  • If I lived nearby I would have taken up your offer.

  • What sort of therapy are you offering?

  • Hello Kneesandtoes. I'm very 'old school' in my approach. I use a combination of hands-on and strength training. This varies according to requirement. Everyone is an individual. It could be electro-acupressure(no needles); acupressure; some form of remedial massage and some form of training to strengthen muscles and tendons to stabilise joints.

    If it's of interest I may be offering the 'month trial' again later in the summer.

    Thanks for enquiring,

    Reg .

  • If you do hands-on you should really advertise it. I have finally been helped by a chiropractor after seeing a number of very hands off physios over a whole year. Quite a few people I have spoken to about physio therapy say the same thing. It is very hands off these days.

  • I'm semi-retired so I just try to help people now and then. Although my original post about maybe people around Redcar do not have a problem with Arthritis might be nearer the truth than I imagined... On this very website there is a HealthUnlocked facility to locate people in one's area. I have looked and there seem to be none around here. Oh well :-)

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