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Welcome and Houserules

Hello to all our lovely Arthritis Action people and welcome to any newbies.

We rarely post, though we do monitor this space, as we want you to have a truly supportive space to freely express all your worries and concerns and discuss solutions and ideas.

We have recently noticed some misuse of this space, by people promoting particular branded products or programmes. Although we encourage exchange of advice and personal accounts, we are not advocating any particular product or programme and therefore have removed posts directly marketing such programmes. Please do take into account that we cannot guarantee the safety of any claimed benefits of such treatments. We only support evidence-based therapies and interventions.

Bottom line is, that chances are if your Doctors have not recommended a particular type of treatment, there is not enough evidence that they are clinically effective. On that principle we cannot endorse any particular type of treatment, always encourage you to speak to medical professionals before embarking on any novel treatment, and are obliged to remove any posts that violate this principle.

We wish to encourage you to continue using this space safely and freely, and to apologise for the lapse in removing the product marketing posts sooner.

Please continue as you were and do not hesitate to contact us on for any enquiries.